Facebook Deletes Group Organizing Protest Against ‘Stay-at-Home’ Orders in New Jersey

Facebook has deleted an organizing group tasked with putting together a rally against restrictive “stay-at-home” executive orders in the state of New Jersey.

According to conservative news site Save Jersey, activists were organizing an “Open New Jersey” rally over Facebook until their event was unceremoniously removed for supposedly violating the community standards of the social media giant. Facebook claimed the activists were “coordinating harm and promoting crime” with their non-violent protest against tyranny.

Primary organizer Angela DeVoe, who resides in Forked River, N.J, said she is not backing down due to Facebook’s Orwellian censorship of the event. Organizers will continue onward with the planned protest and will not let the tech monopoly stand in their way.

“We would like the Governor to recognize that most of us can return safely to work by May 1, 2020,” DeVoe told Save Jersey. “Small business should be open and allowed to operate immediately. The parks and beaches shall resume operation. We should be able as American’s to the make choices for ourselves and our families that best coincide with our individual needs.”

DeVoe says that she and her fellow protesters are undaunted by Gov. Phil Murphy’s threats of incarceration and Draconian fines for organizing. Murphy is threatening fines of up to $1,000 and six months in jail to those who exhibit their 1st Amendment rights during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Yes, that has been a consideration and conversation amongst the group; however, most of those planning to attend believe that standing up for our freedoms and for those most affected by the shut down is more important,” DeVoe said.

“We need some hope,” she added. “Every press conference given by the Governor only depresses those watching, like this situation will go on forever. It’s not possible to forever be two weeks out from the apex of the virus. He uses terms like, ‘we’re not even at first and goal.’ The one size fits all of these executive orders need to end.”

Gov. Murphy admitted during an appearance on the Tucker Carlson show Wednesday that he did not take the Bill of Rights and Constitution into consideration while locking down his state.

“By what authority did you nullify the Bill of Rights in issuing this order?” Carlson asked Murphy.

“I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this,” he responded.

“Well I can tell,” Carlson retorted.

Unfortunately for Gov. Murphy, the success of “Operation Gridlock” in Michigan and similar protests in Ohio have started a nationwide phenomenon. All the Big Brother censorship that Facebook can muster cannot stop the wave of patriotism that is sweeping the nation as a reaction to coronavirus-related overreach.

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