Facebook Deletes Popular Conservative Page ‘I, Hypocrite’ For Fourth Time

I Hypocrite Facebook Page Deleted
Flickr / Jason McELweenie

Facebook deleted the popular page, I, Hypocrite, for the fourth time earlier this week with no explanation for the decision.

The fourth incarnation of I, Hypocrite was deleted by Facebook on October 9, with no explanation from the Big Tech platform. When the page’s creator logged in, he received an empty message from Facebook informing him he had posted something that violates their Community Standards and it had been removed. After confirming he viewed the empty screen, he continued to Facebook and learned the page was deleted.

Speaking to Big League Politics, I, Hypocrite’s creator Lyndon Perry says his first page climbed to nearly 300,000 ‘likes’ before Facebook found something objectionable and deleted the page without giving the creator an explanation of what content violated its Community Standards.

His second page reached 101,000 ‘likes’, the third 87,000, and the fourth and most recently deleted reached 68,000. “They are getting faster at deleting me every time,” Perry joked.

Without a reasonable explanation from Facebook, the page’s creator is at a loss for how to proceed.  “I’m telling you,” he said, “these are how my screenshots always look.”

I Hypocrite Facebook Page Deleted

Perry describes I, Hypocrite as “A page that uses politically incorrect humor to engage people’s critical thinking and reasoning skills,” and his posts frequently feature screen shots of absurd, often contradictory headlines from left leaning websites.


In the last few months, Facebook has deleted, unpublished or censored a series of popular conservative accounts and pages, including Laura Loomer, popular pro-Trump page God Emperor Trump, the Dank Trump Meme page, and personal account of the #WalkAway founder.


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