Facebook Effectively Shuts Down ‘God Emperor Trump’ Facebook Page

In a shock move, Facebook removed all the admins from the ‘God Emperor Trump’ Facebook page, essentially rendering it useless. The pro-Trump Facebook page had 330,000 ‘likes’ when all of the page Admins were removed simultaneously, with no reason given.

“Admins were notified of the removal only through an email by Facebook, simply saying they were removed. There is an option to click if we believe it to be a mistake, suggesting Facebook will allow us to appeal this decision. However, when we try to appeal the decision, the link is broken,” read a press release from the administrators for the page.

The page’s creator speculates that the shit down is in response to their new Facebook focused project called Zucc Report. This new site will “chronicles all instances of censorship and content removal by Facebook.”

How ironic?

The page was mostly used to post ‘memes,’ like the ones pictured below:

As Big League Politics reported in the past, the establishment has been targeting memes for some time. They truly hate the fact that conservatives have found a way to reach younger audiences through humor.

We will keep you updated on any new developments to this story. In the meantime, we urge our supporters to check out the new God Emperor Trump Facebook page.

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