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Facebook Sued Over Alleged Spying On Users Photos & Texts

The allegations made in this lawsuit are shocking.



A California court case alleges that Facebook used their apps to spy on users, gathering information about users, as well as their friends, including some who had not signed up to use the social networking site. The information they allegedly gathered includes, text messages, location tracking, as well as photos on their phones.

Despite Facebook claiming that the claims are false, former startup Six4Three is continuing with their lawsuit against the social network giant, and have made these allegations in official court documents filed at the superior court in San Mateo.

Facebook has long found themselves in the forefront of surveillance allegations. The first major allegation came in the wake of information leaked by CIA employee turned whistle-blower Edward Snowden. Government documents described Facebook as corporate partners in the National Security Agency’s PRISM program, which conducted massive surveillance operations of American citizens.

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Mark Zuckerberg personally denied knowledge of the government’s PRISM program.

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In the case of the California lawsuit, Facebook is actively fighting the allegations, recently making an anti-SLAPP motion, which is a legal maneuver designed to throw out lawsuits filed for the purpose of limiting free speech.  If they are successful, the lawsuit will be thrown out. Six4Three is actively opposing the motion.

A number of high-level communications are being reviewed as a part of the case, and have the possibility of becoming publicly available. Facebook’s legal team is claiming those communications are private business matters in order to attempt to keep them private.

The specific allegations in the case have to do with the developer’s failure of an app they created called Pikinis, which allowed users to zero in on photos of their friends in bikinis and other swimwear.

They claim that Facebook mislead investors by misrepresenting data controls and privacy settings. In a January filing, the company alleges that Facebook tracked users extensively, oftentimes without their consent.

Data made available to the company appears to have varied based on the type of phone that was being used. On Android phones, they were able to access metadata and content found in text messages, and on iPhone, they were able to access most photos, including those not posted on Facebook.

Another allegation made is that the company was able to remotely activate Bluetooth, which allowed them to pinpoint the users location, with or without their consent.

A court filing claims that “Facebook used this data to give certain Facebook products and features an unfair competitive advantage over other social applications on Facebook Platform.”

Facebook in the past has been forced to admit collecting certain data from users, like call and text message data, but claimed that they only did so with express consent. However, it has been reported that they collected some of that data from users without first getting consent.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has railed against surveillance in the past, and fought back against similar accusations to the ones made in this lawsuit. This lawsuit has the possibility to prove his claims incorrect.

Big League Politics will keep you updated on any developments to this story.


Facebook Instituted Extreme Censorship After Presidential Election to Bury Fraud Whistleblowers

This is the greatest crime in U.S. history.



In the direct aftermath of the election, Facebook instituted brand new draconian censorship measures in order to prevent electoral fraud whistleblowers from having their voices heard on the platform.

The New York Times revealed in an article published on Tuesday how Facebook became Big Brother to enforce the Democrat theft of America:

President Trump was already casting the election as rigged, and stories from right-wing media outlets with false and misleading claims about discarded ballots, miscounted votes and skewed tallies were among the most popular news stories on the platform.

In response, the employees proposed an emergency change to the site’s news feed algorithm, which helps determine what more than two billion people see every day. It involved emphasizing the importance of what Facebook calls “news ecosystem quality” scores, or N.E.Q., a secret internal ranking it assigns to news publishers based on signals about the quality of their journalism.

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Typically, N.E.Q. scores play a minor role in determining what appears on users’ feeds. But several days after the election, Mr. Zuckerberg agreed to increase the weight that Facebook’s algorithm gave to N.E.Q. scores to make sure authoritative news appeared more prominently, said three people with knowledge of the decision, who were not authorized to discuss internal deliberations.

The change was part of the “break glass” plans Facebook had spent months developing for the aftermath of a contested election. It resulted in a spike in visibility for big, mainstream publishers like CNN, The New York Times and NPR

As a result of Facebook’s editorial policy to censor whistleblowers, much of the public has been convinced of the legitimacy of an incredibly dubious election marred with improprieties and abnormalities.

Big League Politics reported on the insanity of election night in Detroit after tens of thousands of mystery ballot showed up:

One day after the election, the results are still pending and will likely depend on the rust belt. President Donald Trump holds a strong lead in the state of Michigan, but the city of Detroit and their mail-in and absentee ballots have yet to be officially tallied.

In news that will likely cast further doubt on the election results, tens of thousands of absentee ballots arrived in large U.S. Postal Service boxes at the TCF Center in Detroit, Mich. on Wednesday morning at 3:30 am. The TCF Center, formerly Cobo Hall, is where the absentee ballots are counted for Wayne County, which is the home of Detroit.

Former Michigan state senator Patrick Colbeck wrote that the total number of ballots dumped on the counting board totaled 38,000…

Before the ballots showed up mysteriously at 3:30 am, no ballots had arrived at the TCF Center for over six hours, and many poll workers in the facility sat around with no work to do while getting paid hundreds of dollars by the state of Michigan.

According to Michigan election law, all of these mail-in and absentee ballots had to be submitted before 8pm on Tuesday night in order to be lawfully accepted and counted for the election. This means the city of Detroit potentially sat on these ballots for hours. The white van that arrived had the name of Detroit city clerk Janice Winfrey emblazoned upon it as well as a logo and a phone number. Last month, Winfrey set the stage to drag out the process in an interview with ABC 7 News.

“We’re back in control, and we know that we will have nearly 10,000 poll workers that will be working with us to process ballots on election day, or election week is what we’re calling it now, because we know we’re going to be slow,” she said, adding that she was not going to let “outside influencers” get in the way of her election day schemes.

If the election steal isn’t reversed, Western Civilization is finished, and the Beast System will reign supreme over the world.

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