Facebook Tells Federal Judge to Dismiss Defamation Lawsuit Against Laura Loomer After Labeling Her “Dangerous”

According to Allum Bokhari of Breitbart, Facebook has demanded a federal judge in Miami to immediately dismiss a defamation lawsuit that Laura Loomer brought against them.

Facebook put forward the argument that its decision to ban her as a “dangerous individual” does not fall under the grounds of defamation.

Facebook filed a motion to dismiss where it argued that “calling someone ‘dangerous’— or saying that she ‘promoted or ‘engaged’ in ‘hate’— is a protected statement of opinion.”

Facebook called attention to how other platforms have banned her and stated that “this is clearly an issue where, at a minimum, reasonable minds can disagree.”

Additionally, the motion cited Loomer’s appearances with Gavin McInnes, another individual that Facebook labeled as “dangerous”, as a justification for deplatforming her.

Breitbart News exclusively revealed a year ago that Facebook takes into account off-site behavior to determine whether certain users get deplatformed.

Bokhari noted that Facebook engages in the monitoring of “the on-platform and off-platform activities of prominent political individuals in an internal file called ‘Hate Agent policy review’.”

Loomer is a candidate for Florida’s 21st district and is running in the Republican primary.

In 2019, Facebook banned her after she described Congresswoman Ilhan Omar as “anti-Jewish.”

Loomer told Breitbart News that “Facebook had no basis for designating me as a dangerous individual, and when you examine their printed criteria for their dangerous individual policy, it is even more evident that I don’t meet any of the criteria, which includes being a terrorist and mass murderer.”

“My legal team attempted to get discovery in this case, but Facebook objected, and they would rather make excuses for their digital inquisition.”

“I will continue this legal battle for as long as it takes until Facebook is held legally responsible for what they have done. If Facebook is truly innocent as they claim, then they should stop objecting to discovery and should immediately release the names and correspondence that occurred between everyone who was involved in designing and approving the ‘dangerous individuals and organizations’  policy at Facebook, and its application to the select individuals it was applied to.”

“We’re confident of ultimate success with the case,” declared Loomer’s legal counsel, Larry Klayman. “We have the support of the district of columbia who is arguing that there is political discrimination, and this is a case that will probably go all the way to the supreme court.”

Loomer is currently staving off an antitrust lawsuit against the Big Tech titans, which is currently in the D.C. circuit court of appeals.

Loomer and the conservative group Freedom Watch were originally slated to bring forward oral arguments for their case. However, the Wuhan Virus had initially delayed these proceedings and now they have been canceled outright.

The congressional candidate is among the political figures that Big Tech has targeted in its efforts to turn social media into a politically correct echo chamber.

BLP has reported on President Trump previously retweeting his support for Loomer.

But Trump can do something more meaningful by spearheading reforms that would strip Big Tech of its crony capitalist privileges and let free speech flourish on social media.

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