FACT CHECK: Video Evidence Shows Proud Boys Acted in Self-Defense at Kalamazoo Rally

After this weekend’s Proud Boys rally in Kalamazoo, Mich., the fake news media went into overdrive to demonize the pro-Trump organizers as being responsible for the mayhem caused largely by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter thuggery.

9&10 News maligned the Proud Boys as a “neo-fascist group” while BET called the Proud Boys a “pro-Trump hate group.” WSBT 22 called the Proud Boys an “alt-right hate group known for violence.” Other outlets, like the Metro Times, WZZM 13, and The Morning Call, called the Proud Boys a “far-right” or “right-wing” organization. The implication in these articles is clear, and they are building the narrative that the Proud Boys are responsible for the violence.

However, an examination of the video evidence shows that the Proud Boys were simply defending themselves while being confronted by ANTIFA/BLM agitators.

In one video, a Proud Boy can be seen saving an elderly man from a vicious attack from a communist. Because of extreme censorship constraints imposed by Big Tech monopolists like Google and Twitter, that video can be accessed on the Bitchute alternative video platform.

An additional video compilation shows how the Proud Boys were repeatedly stalked and attacked by ANTIFA/BLM terrorists as they marched patriotically through the city.

There are other videos available on the Proud Boys Telegram stream further vindicating the patriotic group. Despite the facts of the case, the fake news media continues to push their bogus narrative that the Proud Boys were the instigators of the violence, and some hapless city officials have even bought into the propaganda.

“The Proud Boys came to town and completed their mission by creating a divisive situation for the community then leaving, hopefully with the chaos continuing, which is their MO,” Kalamazoo Public Safety Chief Karianne Thomas said.

“Zero support for their tactics and for their views,” said Kalamazoo Mayor David Anderson of the Proud Boys.

“The views of the Proud Boys that came here and tried to destroy our community are abhorrent,” Kalamazoo city manager Jim Ritsema said. “Hate and violence are not welcomed in Kalamazoo.”

However, one Michigan outlet – News Talk WBCK 95.3 – actually disseminated the truth about what happened at the contentious rally.

“If the Antifa group and other “counter-protestors” knew where the Proud Boys were holding their rally, why didn’t they hold their rally in a different location to avoid the conflict that ensued?” David “Renk” Renkiewicz asked.

“Why did the Antifa group and the other “counter-protestors” have to follow the Proud Boys and yell obscenities at them, throw projectiles at them, run at them, and then all of a sudden yell in their faces and become violent and aggressive and eventually attack them?” he added.

Renk noted that the fake news media was committing journalistic malpractice in how they were framing the issue and giving the Proud Boys a bad rap. Although he stopped short at endorsing the Proud Boys, Renk noted that they should have their 1st Amendment right to protest without being mobbed by leftist terrorists.

“We should allow all groups to have their rallies and protest in peace, as long as they are lawfully rallying and protesting. If you go out to confront peaceful rallies and especially if you call yourself “counter-protestors” it appears that you are looking for a confrontation,” Renk wrote.

“I support anyone or any group that wants to protest or hold a rally peacefully and legally no matter what they stand for or say. That is called Free Speech,” he continued.

“Some People’s speech we certainly do not like and in some cases believe what they stand for to be abhorrent, but does that mean we should not allow that speech or would the better course of action be to let them speak and just completely ignore them. Most people who have horrible things to say hate being ignored and that would be the ultimate punishment against what they stand for,” Renk added.

Because of militant left-wing organizations like ANTIFA and BLM, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are under an unprecedented attack in the homeland. Groups like the Proud Boys, by standing up for their rights under major duress, are following in the footsteps of the Founding Fathers.

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