Faculty Members at Virginia’s Washington and Lee University Vote to Change the University’s Name

The faculty members at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Va. have voted to change the university’s name in order to appease the Black Lives Matter mob.

The motion will be sent to the board of trustees, who will be heavily pressured to take action. The faculty wants Robert E. Lee’s name removed from the university, as his name is getting dragged through the mud by marxist racial supremacist terrorists nationwide.

“The university’s name rests with its board of trustees, and there are no current plans to change it,” said university spokeswoman Drewry Sackett.

The university was named after George Washington, the nation’s first President who was an initial benefactor to the school, and Confederate General Robert E. Lee, a former university president who is buried in a chapel on campus.

Black faculty members have led the charge to change the school’s name, as they demand the rape of history because of their own personal racial fragility.

“It is worth exploring why the faculty has decided to make a collective statement on Lee and why the faculty has not included a demand to drop Washington in their petition,” associate professor of law Brandon Hasbrouck wrote in a letter. “It is no longer acceptable, profitable or convenient to be associated with Lee but it is for Washington.”

A motion was also put forward to remove Washington’s name from the university, but the faculty ultimately rejected the idea. The mob will have to come to destroy Washington’s legacy at a later date because the Overton Window has not moved that far quite yet.

Jim Casey, an economics professor, is intent upon using this moment in order to push radically toward the Left. That process begins with renaming the university.

“We feel like we’re going to end up on the wrong side of this as an institution and that it will harm us,” Casey said. “Everyone who was in that conversation feels that the best thing for our institution is to drop our affiliation with Lee.”

“It’s different in 2020 than it was in 2017 and we’re sort of back at the table with this particular issue. It was very clear to me in this conversation that faculty members, since the murder of George Floyd, have been thinking very, very seriously about a lot of these issues,” he added.

Zoila Ponce de Leon, an assistant professor of politics, made it clear that renaming the university will be just the beginning. The entire university must be transformed in order to kowtow to minorities.

“A name change is a symbolic gesture, but what we really need to invest our energy in is changing our behavior as faculty and students,” Ponce de Leon said. “The members of our community who come from diverse backgrounds don’t feel comfortable because of how we treat people — it isn’t just the name.”

The cultural revolution is being waged successfully across the country by the radical Left, and America is crumbling as a result.

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