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FAIL: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Has Done Nothing to Help South Africans Facing Imminent Genocide

Pompeo has failed the American people.



Last year, President Donald Trump announced that he would be tasking Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with studying the systemic displacement of the white population in South Africa – a humanitarian crisis that is rapidly turning into a catastrophe of genocidal proportions.

However, Pompeo has not moved an inch over the past year on the issue. He has done nothing – not even issued a statement – to raise awareness of the crisis. The population that built South Africa into the greatest country on the continent, before it slipped into squalor, violence and destitution over the past couple decades, is being left in the lurch by the Trump administration, thanks to Pompeo.

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The brutal racist farm attacks against whites have only increased and intensified during that time period.

Meanwhile, Pompeo is busy getting as many Never Trumpers into positions of authority within the Trump administration as he possibly can:

Mary Kissel, who Trump once called a “major loser,” was hired by Pompeo as a senior adviser in the State Department despite opposing her boss on every single one of his policies. Pompeo also hired James Jeffrey as his envoy for the Syrian war despite the fact that he was a ‘Never Trumper’ who signed a pro-Hillary Clinton letter arguing that Trump was “a dangerous president [who] would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being” in 2016.

In Pompeo’s most egregious betrayal of Trump, he hired Elliott Abrams – the disgraced war criminal who supported the Iraq War and perjured himself by lying to Congress over the Iran/Contra scandal – as the Venezuelan envoy despite Abrams’ long-stated goal for the GOP establishment to “seize the party machinery back immediately after the Trump defeat.”

“Do not allow the Republican convention to be a coronation wherein Trump and Trumpism are unchallenged. There’s no reason others who won many delegates, from Rubio to Cruz to Kasich, should not have their names put in nomination. The party needs to be reminded that there are deep divisions, and Trump needs to be reminded of how many in the party oppose and even fear his nomination,” Abrams wrote for the now defunct Weekly Standard, urging for an anti-democratic mutiny against Trump at the Republican National Convention in July 2016.

Pompeo is expected to jump into the U.S. Senate race in Kansas for the seat that will be vacated by retiring Sen. Pat Roberts in 2020. He will likely jump in to derail the chances of former Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach, an “America First” patriot who is a long-time favorite of President Donald Trump.

“The Kansas race is still unfolding. I’ve said several times—I’m not sure the president agrees with this — that I’d love to see the secretary of state run for the Senate in Kansas,” Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said earlier this year.

“The widely held assumption is that he’s preparing a run, because he wants the reputation of a tough man without having to take on all the political risks that position requires,” a senior Trump administration official told McClatchy DC. “Pompeo has never stopped being a congressman – he’s a congressman serving as a secretary of state.”

Pompeo is arguably most self-motivated subversive actor in the White House, and he is more focused on his personal ambitions than helping the South African boers – or anyone else for that matter.

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TYRANNY: British Riot Police Storm Anti-Lockdown Protest to Detain Conspiracy Theorist David Icke

The Orwellian Nightmare has been realized.



British riot police reportedly stormed a protest against COVID-19 lockdown policies taking place on Saturday to stop infamous conspiracy theorist David Icke from being heard. reported that that Icke, the author who has made many fantastical claims over the years including that the world is run by reptilian humanoids, was taken into custody for his unlawful free speech:

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Massive crowds convened around Trafalgar Square on Saturday to give the message that enough is enough to British officials who refuse to end Draconian emergency measures related to the COVID-19 scamdemic. British authorities are desperate to suppress the message of these freedom fighters.

Authorities told event organizers and protesters that they would be forced to wear masks and social distance at the protest, or they would be punished. These are the types of restrictions that are only enforced against patriots who desire the return to a free society, not so much to Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA terrorists who burn down cities, terrorize white people and desecrate heroic ancestors.

Police Commander Ade Adelekan said that the public must be broken to submit with senseless COVID-19 mandates in order to bow to the false idol of public safety.

“I know there is great frustration to these regulations but they have been designed to keep everyone safe from what is a lethal virus,” Adelekan said.

“By flagrantly gathering in large numbers and ignoring social distancing, you are putting your health and the health of your loved ones at risk,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on how the COVID-19 tyranny in Britain has surpassed the insanity of the states, with health professionals being subject to government investigation for merely speaking their opinions:

A National Health Service (NHS) officer is being investigated by British authorities after calling out the COVID-19 scamdemic as a “load of bollocks.”

“I’m an actual NHS worker and apparently I worked really hard during Covid. Did I? Bollocks. That’s why it’s a certificate of bollocks,” Hampton contended.

“Our service was dead. We weren’t getting the calls, it was dead. Covid is a load of bollocks, so this is my certificate of bollocks,” she added. “I didn’t clap for the NHS, I didn’t clap for myself. Because why would I clap for myself when I did f*ck all?”

It is looking like the lockdown policies will end up being far worse for the public health than the virus itself. Cancer Research UK estimates that 2.4 million Brits had to put off a cancer screening, additional testing, or cancer treatment at the end of May. Additionally, there was a backlog of approximately 2.1 million people who needed a cervical, breast, or bowel screening.

Hampton reported that she received threats after her video went viral, with some hysteria-addled pandemic cultists suggesting that her children be kidnapped for expressing her honest opinion.

“A few people close to me have labelled me ”mental” and even said I need sectioning for my video! Also I don’t deserve my children! However, if people want to believe the narrative that’s up to them. I will keep speaking my truth!!!” Hampton said in a follow-up video.

Care UK is investigating Hampton because of her candid remarks, as they apparently believe the NHS should be above accountability and criticism.

“We are aware of this video, which we consider to be materially inaccurate in a number of ways, and can confirm that a member of staff is subject to investigation,” a Care UK spokesman told The Daily Mail.

The West will never recover from COVID madness, unless the people responsible for it are jailed or worse for destroying civilization over a fraud.

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