Failed Disinfo Board Czar Nina Jankowicz Registers As Foreign Agent

Nina Jankowicz, the Biden administration’s failed “Ministry of Truth” czar has registered as a foreign agent.

Per reporting from the Daily Caller, Jankowicz filed papers indicating that she is working for a British anti-disinformation group. One that takes funding from the UK government.

From the outlet:

Jankowicz submitted registration documents required by the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), which show she now works for the UK-based Centre for Information Resilience. 

The documents register the specific foreign principle employing Jankowicz, the written agreement between the two parties and the reasons she is working for the foreign principal. It also includes basic information about the foreign principal and Jankowicz’s role there.

Jankowicz wrote on the form that she “supervises research, executes business strategy, oversees the establishment of CIR’s research, communicates with the media, and briefs individuals and officials on CIR’s research” in her role.  

Jankowicz made headlines earlier this year for her role in Biden’s proposed, then eventually terminated, Disinformation Governance Board.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ended the initiative after public backlash that mocked the organization for being an Orwellian avenue for the Biden administration to censor and police online speech.

Particularly speech from dissenters and conservative-leaning voices.

Even though the Board was disbanded, the Homeland Security Advisory Council still recommended the DHS focus its energy and resourcing towards addressing “inaccurate information” online in its final report.

Critics saw this as a roundabout way of saying this censorship pursuit from the regime was not over. But instead, just undergoing a minor setback and rebrand.

Critics also believed the DHS would revisit this avenue with a new czar. Someone who would be less susceptible to internet scrutiny due to past comments and social media posts.

Now, Jankowicz is making headlines in a similar way, just with a different coat of paint, by registering as a foreign agent. 

Per its website, the UK-based Centre for Information Resilience describes itself as “an independent, non-profit social enterprise dedicated to countering disinformation, exposing human rights abuses, and combating online behaviour harmful to women and minorities.”

As the Daily Caller pointed out, this is similar language to what was seen on the letter of engagement in Jankowicz’s registration.

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