Failed Gubernatorial Candidate CRUSHED By Michigan Senate Candidate

A failed Michigan gubernatorial candidate and radical Islamist lashed out on Twitter Tuesday morning before being silenced by John James, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

“Thrilled coming to stump for . Nothing describes better than a man who has done nothing of value but mooch off his daddy–who mooched off *his* daddy. No action, just words. Oh, & , a confederate flag wrapped has been. G’luck John!” said Adbul El-Sayed, who was rocked in Michigan’s Democrat gubernatorial primary.

James took this as a personal insult, and immediately fired back at El-Sayed, instantly silencing him.

“I’m a West Point grad & Iraq vet w/ 2 masters My dad: Vietnam vet & entrepreneur His dad: mason His dad: sharecropper His dad: slave. Mooching? My family never asked for free stuff, just a fair shot. We can’t allow the American Dream to be crushed by you, & Socialism,” he said.

James is running a tight race against incumbent Democrat Sen. Debbie Stabenow. El-Sayed, who ran a campaign based on abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement an giving away free stuff, is looking on from his couch.

The audacity to insult a war veteran is unsurprising coming from avowed Islamist El-Sayed, whom Big League Politics followed closely during his failed campaign.

We reported:

Farrah Prudence, an Ex-Muslim woman who was raised Muslim but chose to convert to Christianity after she fled her abusive Muslim father in Ohio is speaking out to warn the voters of Michigan about the creeping Sharia that is on their ballots this election cycle.

According to Prudence, who currently lives under protection due to the fact that she has a Fatwa over her head for being an apostate, Abdul El Sayed, a Sharia compliant Muslim man who is currently campaigning to become the next Governor of Michigan is “practicing Taqiya” in order to convince non-Muslims to vote for him.

In Islam, Taqiya is a component of Sharia Law that allows and encourages Muslims to lie to achieve their goals and spread Islam.

When asked whether or not El-Sayed was using Taqiya to appeal to non-Muslim voters, Prudence said, “Absolutely. The things that are told in front of non Muslims are not the same things that are shared inside the mosque.”

James has been endorsed by President Donald J. Trump in his Senate bid.

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