Failed National Security Adviser John Bolton Shills for Military Hack

Former National Security adviser John Bolton praised General Mark Milley on June 12, 2020 for his “courage.”

Bolton was referring to Milley’s apology for participating in a photo outside of St. John’s Church last week with President Donald Trump.

The former foreign policy hawk tweeted, “Gen. Mark Milley is a dedicated public servant who made a courageous choice to admit a mistake. His actions are a powerful example of courage, leadership and patriotism.”

On June 11, Trump said that he didn’t believe it was a big deal that Milley apologized for his role in the photo with the president.

St. John’s Church was burnt during the D.C. riots that were kicked off by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Trump defended this photo and described it as a “beautiful picture” while he was in an interview with Fox News’s Harris Faulkner.

The president did not criticize Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley or Defense Secretary Mark Esper for speaking critically of the photo.

“No,” Trump stated when he was questioned about the significance of their statements. “If that’s the way they feel, I think that’s fine.”

Milley expressed his regret in a video message at a graduation ceremony on June 11 for participating in Trump’s visit to St. John’s Church. He reasoned that it compromised the military’s apolitical image.

“I should not have been there,” Milley declared during a recorded message aired a graduation ceremony at the National Defense University. “My presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics.”

“We who wear the cloth of our nation come from the people of our nation and we must hold dear the principle of an apolitical military that is so deeply rooted in the essence of our republic,” Milley added.

Trump received great criticism for the photo opportunity, which took place shortly after law enforcement and National Guardsmen cleared the area around Lafayette Square right across the White House.

A photo of Trump holding up a Bible in front of the church, which was desecrated by vandals, was taken last week.

Milley was dressed in military fatigues, with Esper joining him in the photo-op. Former military officials had choice words about the photo.

Esper did not criticize the photo-op or voiced his regrets for being involved in it. However, he explained his role during the events at a press conference last week, admitting he was aware of Trump’s destination but didn’t know it would end up being a photo-op.

“I did know that following the president’s remarks on Monday evening that many of us were wanting to join President Trump and review the damage in Lafayette Park and at St. John’s Episcopal Church,” Esper informed reporters on June 3. “What I was not aware of was exactly where we were going when we arrived at the church and what the plans were once we got there.”

Esper controversially said that he would not support the use of active-duty troops to crack down on domestic riots and looting after Trump indicated he would use force to put down riots and looting

The Defense Secretary’s caught Trump by surprise and even considered firing Esper over the disagreement. The President was ultimately talked out of this decision.

According to reports that surfaced on June 11, Milley considered resigning following the criticism he received for being involved in the photo.

It is curious how the military-industrial complex works.

When it comes to foreign excursions, the defense industry and its puppets in government are quick to get involved. As for military actions that would actually benefit Americans, the military pulls a Houdini act.

This goes to show how entrenched establishment interests are in the current government. For America First policies to truly take off, Trump will have to clean up a large portion of the government.

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