Fairfax Accuser Explains Struggle To Release Her Story On Local Richmond Website’s Facebook Page

VA Lt Gov Tyson Claim

The woman currently accusing the Lt. Governor of Virginia of sexually assaulting her confirmed herself as the source of the allegations and explained to independent Virginia media how she released her story.

Last night after Big League Politics released the bombshell report that Stanford University Fellow and Professor Vanessa Tyson allegedly accused Democrat Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax sexually assaulted her at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. She did not use his name in the initial release, and Big League Politics did not receive confirmation from Tyson that she wrote the post.

However, this changed late last night when Tyson confirmed to independent Virginia media outlet RVA Dirt that she made the allegations, and enlisted a friend to help spread the story.

As people saw we weren’t solely reacting to the story because of the BLP post and had outside confirmations of an allegation coming forward, people started to stop attacking and be open to listening to Ms. Tyson. Eventually, Ms. Tyson came forward on our Facebook page and made comments affirming she gave consent for her story to be shared and explaining why she trusted one individual in our Richmond community to share her story. That Facebook page has photos going back to 2014 including one with her and Thad Williamson who is the husband of the person that Ms. Tyson trusted to share her story and indicated she was close with in graduate school. That is why we believe the comments to be authentically from Ms. Tyson.

The post continues elaborating on how mainstream news outlets refused to run the story:

RVA Dirt also explains that last night, after posting the Big League Politics article detailing Tyson’s allegations, their Facebook page “began receiving very aggressive direct messages attacking” the media outlet for sharing the Big League Politics article, claiming that Tyson was not ready to share her story.

The independent progressive Virginia media outlet does not believe the individual targeting their page is affiliated with Fairfax.

Tyson at one point commented on RVA Dirt‘s post, explaining that she was behind the allegations and thanked the page for sharing the information, but has since deleted the comment.

We were not able to locate screen shots of Tyson’s comment, but do have a screen shot of several Facebook users responding to Tyson.

RVA Dirt, however, posted a screen shot by Tyson revealing she gave the friend permission to share the story across social media.

Big League Politics reached out to RVA Dirt for their comment on this story and did not receive an immediate response.

For Fairfax’s part, he admits the event took place, but claims it was consensual in nature.

Big League Politics reported:

Now today, after denying the accusation, Fairfax tells reporters that he did indeed have an encounter with the woman in 2004, but that everything was consensual.

The woman accusing him of sexual assault doesn’t see it that way.

His accuser, Vanessa Tyson is a Stanford University fellow, University Professor, and accomplished author. Regularly speaking in support of progressive issues, many doubt the idea of her accusations being politically motivated.

Tyson initially went to the Washington Post, who are famous for being the first outlet to speak publicly to Christine Blasey Ford, the woman behind the first sexual assault allegation against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. But the Post did not run the story, resulting in her Facebook post hunting at the alleged sexual assault.

This is the third major political earthquake to strike Virginia, after Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam endorsed infanticide last early last week, then Big League Politics unearthed shockingly racist photos in Northam’s medical school yearbook.

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