Fairfax Blames Alleged Victims For Media Circus After Sexual Assault Claims Surface

Fairfax Blames Victims

Virginia Democrat Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax today seemed to blame his alleged victims for the media circus regarding his sexual assault accusations, comparing his treatment to a public lynching.

Fairfax today made more heads spin as he appeared to blame his alleged victims for daring to come forward, comparing his treatment by the media and other politicians to a modern day lynching. The comparison was made even more incendiary after “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett’s apparent hate hoax, which involved an attempt to tie rope around his neck and pour him with gasoline.

He made the unsettling comparison on Sunday when delivering a surprise speech before the Virginia State Senate.

From the Associated Press:

“I’ve heard much about anti-lynching on the floor of this very Senate, where people were not given any due process whatsoever, and we rue that,” Fairfax said, referencing legislation the General Assembly passed expressing “profound regret” for lynchings in Virginia between 1877 and 1950.

“And we talk about hundreds, at least 100 terror lynchings that have happened in the Commonwealth of Virginia under those very same auspices. And yet we stand here in a rush to judgment with nothing but accusations and no facts and we decide that we are willing to do the same thing,” Fairfax said.

This continues a pattern of belittling his alleged victims in an attempt to deny their stories, as according to reports Fairfax remarked “f**k that b**ch” during an off record conversation while trying to discredit one of the accusers earlier this month.

Virginia’s Republican lawmakers are now attempting to get a sworn testimony from Fairfax and his accusers, something that would meet the request of one of Fairfax’s accusers, who said in an article last week that her life has been turned upside down in the week after coming forward with her story.

Big League Politics reported:

In her article, she said that she has refused calls from politicians and media outlets to make the alleged rape a partisan issue or media talking point, and as such has been ignored.

Watson also stated that reporters and researchers have dug into every facet of her personal life, going as far as researching her elementary school records in an attempt to find evidence she may be untrustworthy or lying about the alleged rape.

Rather than a “secret” investigation into Fairfax, she demands a public hearing, and blames the Virginia legislature and the media for refusing to do its job and investigate the allegations publicly.

While Fairfax has yet to deliver a sworn statement, he has readily used his bully pulpit to blame his alleged victims.

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