Fake CNN Story About Trump Being Dead Trends On Twitter, Leftists Cheer Without Doing ANY Research, Let Alone Quick Google Search

Leftist wokies, in an effort to prove free speech is bad or something, got a fake CNN story trending about former President Donald Trump being dead.

The fake news headline read: “Donald Trump dead 76.”

This prompted #TrumpIsDead to trend on Twitter. Which, as one might expect, brought us a lot of disgraceful commentary from the so-called peaceful and tolerant left.

Below is a selection of some of the content that was circulating:

Again, this CNN story was fake, so the responses above – some that amounted to a hefty number of retweets, likes, and quote tweets – highlights two things. 

First, many of these lefties on Twitter can’t be bothered to do any of their own research. And secondly, far too many see Trump dying as a “good” thing.

According to some on the internet, this whole trend started as a way to showcase why censorship is needed. 

“Wild that #TrumpIsDead. Almost seems unreal. But it definitely is real,” wrote blue check mark Jon Bershad on Twitter.

“Good thing Elon Musk eliminated the content moderation department or it would be hard for me to share the very true news that Donald Trump has died with as many people as possible!” he added.

Funny thing is this story created the opposite reaction leftists intended. Because this fake story / troll campaign showed how valuable free speech actually is. 

Within a matter of hours, let alone minutes, people were able to decipher truth from fiction. All without the need of some big tech platform’s interventions.

“The Democrats are about to lose the midterms and Elon bought twitter so now the progs are melting down so hard they made #TrumpIsDead trend even though he’s not responsible for either,” commentator Michael Malice shared on Twitter.

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