FAKE NEWS: AOC Still Says Man Died from COVID Treatment, But He Took Fish Tank Chemicals Not Hydroxychloroquine

Yesterday, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez tried to resurrect some obvisouly fake news in a back-and-forth with Laura Ingraham on Twitter.

During that exchange AOC slammed Ingraham for inviting on a guest who AOC says “faked their employment at Lenox Hill hospital.” Also, she said that the doctor was “tout[ing] a COVID “treatment” that…a man may have died trying to self-administer.”

Concerning the former claim, Ingraham answered herself. She insisted that AOC needs to learn the difference between “admitting privileges” and “employed by,” before “maligning a man who has spent his life teaching and saving lives….”

But the former claim of AOC was not the most absurd part of the tweet, by far.

The claim that a man died trying to administer the treatment touted by said doctor and Trump is completely false. In fact, this narrative has been widely debunked for two weeks now.

The critism of this drug started, of course, when Trump brought it up as a possible treatment.

Trump said maybe the treatment would work, maybe it wouldn’t, but that he was optimistic. This caused Left media to loose their minds.

The media ran stories and asked questions that made it seem as if Trump was saying this was definitely a miracle cure. They also downplayed the study that showed it was working pretty well during testing.

A few days later, the media found the biggest idiots in the entire world. A woman and her husband ingested fish tank chemicals, supposedly because it had a similarly sounding name to the drug in question.

The media then pinned this on Trump, despite it being complete nonsense, as reported here by Richard Moorhead.

This isn’t a case of some story that was accidentally reported incorrectly. It was a blatant misrepresentation by the media in order to discredit Trump.

Also, this isn’t a case of AOC just simply reporting a verifed story that later turned out to be false. The coverage debunking this narrative was extensive and nearly impossible to avoid, and the narrative was utterly absurd to begin with.

It’s clear that AOC is just spreading fake news either for the purposes discrediting her political opposition or because she is a complete moron…or both.

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