Fake News Claims ‘Misgendering’ Trans Pennsylvania Health Director is an ‘Act of Violence’

Dr. Rachel Levine, the grotesque Pennsylvania health director, is the newest leftist victim du jour because she is the victim of “misgendering.”

The Daily Beast called out Trump adviser Jenna Ellis for “transphobic” behavior because she pointed out that Levine was born a man.

“Calling any of us women “men” is an act of violence,” wrote transgender activist Dawn Ennis in her Beast op/ed.

For making this tweet, the leftist cancel culture has targeted Ellis for ruination because she had the audacity to speak biological truths that are now verboten in today’s politically correct culture.

Levine has actually used time during her coronavirus briefings in Pennsylvania to whine about how “her” feelings are hurt when people point out that “she” is actually a hideous man dressed in women’s clothes.

“While these individuals may think that they are only expressing their displeasure with me, they are, in fact hurting the thousands of LGBTQ Pennsylvanians who suffer directly from these current demonstrations of harassment,” Levine said at a coronavirus briefing.

“Your actions perpetuate the spirit of intolerance and discrimination against LGBTQ individuals, and specifically transgender individuals,” Levine added. “To perpetuators and the perpetrators of these actions, if your apologies are sincere, then I accept them. But an apology is the beginning, not the end, of the conversation. As for me, I have no room in my heart for hatred, and frankly I do not have time for intolerance.”

Others are piling on Ellis because of her accurate comments regarding Levine’s birth gender.

“Using a person’s pronouns is a basic level of respect. Despite claims of allyship, Donald Trump, Mike Pence and their staff have gone out of their way to dehumanize and attack transgender and non-binary people simply for existing. Trump and his allies have refused to acknowledge the epidemic of violence transgender and gender non-conforming people face, attempted to strip away their access to health care, and blocked these patriotic Americans from openly serving in the military,” the Human Rights Campaign wrote about Ellis’ comments.

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Levine has steered Pennsylvania through this crisis leading efforts to reduce the spread of the virus and keep Pennsylvanians safe and healthy. Our nation has and should continue to laud the frontline workers and public servants confronting this pandemic, not attack them simply for living their truth,” they added.

Even some weak LGBT “conservatives” like Brad Polumbo of the Washington Examiner, who has been known to follow underage boys on his Instagram account, have rushed to the defense of this freak show.

Big League Politics has reported on how Levine moved her mother out of the nursing homes before she ordered COVID-19 patients to be housed in them:

Earlier last week, the Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health revealed that her 95-year-old mother was moved from a nursing home facility into a hotel.

This came at a time when the state government was ordering these facilities to accept patients who tested positive with the Wuhan virus.

This policy was issued on March 18 and specified that retirement homes “must continue to accept new admissions and receive readmissions for current residents who have been discharged from the hospital who are stable,” include residents who have caught the Wuhan virus. The policy was created to “alleviate the increasing burden in the acute care settings.”

The rule may have a played role in creating a significant death toll in the state’s elderly care institutions. The bulk of the deaths in the Keystone State took place in nursing homes, over 2,400 of the state’s approximately 4,000 deaths.

Even when Wuhan virus patients were being moved into state nursing homes, the state’s Secretary of Health, Rachel Levine, took her mother from one of those facilities and put her in a hotel instead.

Levine admitted this on May 12, 2020 while talking to Pennsylvania media, declaring that “she and her sister complied with their mother’s request to move from a personal care home to another location,” according to a report from the Allentown Morning Call report.

The admission does raise questions about state health officials being potentially aware of the devastating threat that the Wuhan virus presented to nursing homes even when they ordered said facilities to accept Wuhan virus patients.

Various states have been tackling with Wuhan virus outbreaks at nursing homes. The data show that the Wuhan virus disproportionately hurts older and sicker individuals, two groups that are over-represented at care facilities across the country.

New York State has witnessed significant numbers of care facility deaths during the past several months, which likely caused Governor Andrew Cuomo to rescind the state’s previous directive, which is similar to Pennsylvania’s, that nursing homes would be mandated to accept Wuhan virus patients.


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