Fake News? CNN Caught on Camera Appearing to Stage Muslim Protest Against Terrorism

Screenshot/Caolan Robertson

CNN appears to have been caught on camera staging a fake Muslim protest against the London Bridge terrorist attack.

In footage posted by Rebel Media contributor Caolan Robertson, people who appear to be CNN staff are seen directing the “protesters” on where to stand in front of the camera — posing the demonstrators behind CNN Abu Dhabi Managing Editor Becky Anderson.



A witness to the filming alleged on Twitter that BBC had attempted to also film the “protest,” but were not allowed.


CNN host Brian Stelter denied that his network had staged the shot, tweeting “Far-right twitterers are misleading folks about this video. Bloggers saying CNN was caught ‘staging fake new. Police allowed demonstrators thru cordon ‘so they could show their signs’ to media, @CNNPR says. CNN, BBC, AP ‘simply filmed them doing so.'”

Stelter’s claim was rapidly called out by other members of the media.



The left-wing website Mediaite defended CNN’s actions, while not denying that the staging took place.

“While the editorial decisions here are up for debate, arranging crowds for background perspective is not uncommon in news shots, and CNN insists that the Muslim crowd was already nearby before they ended up in front of the cameras,” the website reported.


The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks on Saturday evening that left seven dead and 41 injured. Currently, 21 victims remain in critical condition.

“A detachment of Islamic State fighters executed yesterday’s London attack,” a statement posted to the Amaq media agency, an ISIS website, read.

Following the attack, many liberals on Twitter skipped right over expressing remorse for the victims who lost their lives — instead expressing support for the Muslims that they worry may face “Islamophobia” in the wake of yet another Islamic terrorist mass killing strangers.

Just minutes after the news broke, former British MP Louise Mensch tweeted, “My dear Muslim brothers and sisters in the UK, I stand with you tonight and every night in friendship and patriotism,” tagging the tweet with #LondonBridge. She was immediately met with outcry from both the right and the left demanding to know if she also happens to stand with those who were injured or lost their lives or loved ones.


The London Bridge attack came on the eve of an Ariana Grande concert to benefit the victims of the massacre in Manchester on May 22. During her concert, an Islamic terrorist had detonated a suicide bomb filled with shrapnel at the exit of her show, killing 22 people — including children. An additional 119 people were injured, 23 critically.

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