Fake News: CNN’s Brian Stelter Defends Weatherman’s Blatant Acting On Camera

A CNN anchor stayed true to character Friday, defending a weatherman who is the subject of a  viral video that shows him clearly acting in the midst of Hurricane Florence

“This looks bad, obviously. But [for what it’s worth], in ‘s defense, the channel noted that “the 2 individuals in the background are walking on concrete” while he’s on wet grass, and he was “undoubtedly exhausted” from constant live shots…” said Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

Mike Seidel of The Weather Channel is the latest fake news maven outed by recklessness on air. He clearly pretended to fight the “heavy” wind while others stroll by casually in a live shot during Hurricane Florence.

The video was originally uploaded by a Twitter user called Tony scar.

“So dramatic! Dude from the weather channel bracing for his life, as 2 dudes just stroll past. ,” he wrote.

The video has 165 thousand retweets and 4o7 thousand likes at the time of publication.

But the obvious fabrication – undoubtably for the purpose of ratings – dis not faze CNN’s Stelter or stop him from defending fake news. Birds of a feather flock together.

The video raises an important point about the state of mainstream American press. All is does is lie. It lies about important things, and it lies about unimportant things. It lies about bombshell stories, and run-of-the-mill local news. It selectively omits facts that do not fit its leftist narrative, and makes up facts – like Seidel did by pretending the wind was blowing him over – for its benefit.

And when it is caught lying, it defends its lies with a vicious pack mentality. It is absolutely impossible to trust.

The Weather Channel exploiting a mass tragedy for ratings is bad enough. CNN defending its dishonesty should be more than enough proof: the mainstream press is the enemy of the American people.

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