Fake News Doesn’t Know How To Slam Trump Anymore

Donald Trump, Facebook

Which Narratives Will They Go With Now?

President Trump’s fiery speech in Phoenix, Arizona unsurprisingly sent liberals into a total frenzy.  When you call someone a racist, Nazi sympathizer and the ‘bigot in-chief’ it would be absolutely crazy to expect a meager response. Especially from someone as loud as President Trump.

In order to combat Trump’s charge of CNN being completely biased, CNN host Don Lemon opened up his show by questioning President Trump’s sanity and stating an extremely pathetic accusation accusing the president of wanting a civil war in America. I can’t think of a more irresponsible thing to say as a journalist. One of the darkest moments in our country’s history and Lemon reduces it to a cheap smear of the president.

Liberals including the so called journalists of CNN, engaged in a huge amount of fear mongering, making inflammatory statements by implying that if President Trump made the trip to Arizona that there would be another Charlottesville.

Representative Ruben Gallego was the biggest mouthpiece of them all. Gallego, who implied that Trump would bring in violent alt-right members, had to backtrack in an interview after the rally, calling the rally “very successful and peaceful.” Gallego was asked why anti-Trump protesters were the main cause of violence. He said he didn’t want to “throw out accusations” even though just 24 hours earlier he made the crazy prediction of Trump bringing troublemakers who would cause chaos.

Once again, the media has proven themselves to be Very Fake News.




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