Fake News Kingpin Jeff Zucker Could Hire Shepard Smith at CNN

CNN could be the next fit for recently-unemployed liberal media commentator Shepard Smith, judging from a comment from the network’s president, fake news kingpin Jeff Zucker.

Zucker said he would be “open” to hiring Smith, according to reporting from Variety.

The CNN boss was speaking at an internal company event, and apparently went on a lengthy diatribe bashing Smith’s former network, Fox News.

Zucker said that he thinks Smith is a “great journalist,” a compliment from a fake news kingpin that reflects very poorly on Smith’s journalistic integrity.

Shepard Smith announced his sudden departure from Fox on-air earlier this month after a feud with America First evening host Tucker Carlson. Smith had taken his frequent liberal commentary across an inter-network line when he bashed Carlson for a guest’s remark on his show; Carlson fired back, and before Smith could take the feud further he was ordered to be silent by Fox management.

Smith went on to quit Fox a few days after.

Smith had alienated much of the traditional Fox audiences with his consistent liberal editorializing, taking on a partisan narrative one might expect to hear from a liberal mainstream media outlet such as MSNBC.

Should he be hired by CNN, it’s possible the liberal elitist would take his liberal commentary to the next level, openly lashing out at Fox’s audience and traditionally minded Americans.

Smith’s departure opens up new opportunities for Fox to reconnect with its audience, who has become increasingly alienated from the network in past months due to the growing trend of progressive content on the channel. Smith was being paid a whopping 15 million a year by Fox, an unnecessary and colossal waste of resources that is now available to fund new journalists and coverage that could prove far more insightful to Fox viewers than Smith’s predictable liberal rants.

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