FAKE NEWS: The Hill Claims “Dozens” of Activists Attended Turning Point Conference, Thousands Actually Did

The Hill made a passing reference to an event put on by youth conservative activist organization Turning Point USA in an article about the ongoing government shutdown. When mentioning the attendance of Donald Trump Jr. at the event, the article claimed that merely “dozens of young people” attended the event Turning Point’s 2018 Student Action Summit.

The event, held in West Palm Beach just before Christmas, attracted several thousand student activists in reality, a far cry from the “dozens” of attendees described by the Hill. Actual photographic evidence of the activists gathered for SAS provides a clear cut refutation of the Hill’s attendance figures- at least a few thousand attendees can be seen in a picture taken near the end of the event. Quite a gap between that and the figure of “dozens” provided by the dubious Washington “news” outlet.

Perhaps merely a journalistic oversight, or perhaps a more nefarious attempt to dismiss the political energy of Turning Point’s annual conference. The organization burst onto the scene of youth activism soon after its founding by Charlie Kirk in 2012, becoming widely known for a propensity to engage in hard-fought metaphorical battles with the left when most youth conservative organizations were struggling to break out of a mold that composed of little more than hefty payments to a rotating set of speakers and generally stale campus activism.

This year’s Student Action Summit, which lasted from Dec. 19-22, included figures prominent in the conservative movement such as Trump Jr, Ron DeSantis, Nigel Farage, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson. As much as it may be inconvenient for mainstream media, the events put on by TPUSA continue to be genuinely popular.

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