Fall Guy? Biden Border Czar Resigns Amid Border Crisis

Roberta Jacobson, the Biden administration’s border czar, is stepping down less than 100 days into her role as the border crisis spirals out of control. A black eye for the Biden administration, who may be looking for a lamb to slaughter. 

And Jacobson will do the trick. According to a report by John Solomon at Just the News, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan announced Jacobson’s plan to step down from her position as Coordinator for the Southwest Border at the National Security Council at the month’s end.

From 2016 to 2018, Jacobson served as the ambassador to Mexico. Sullivan congratulated Jacobson for her “invaluable contribution.” Solomon observed that “the sudden departure was a stark signal the administration recognizes it needs to pivot after weeks of a growing migrant crisis that has sullied Biden’s efforts to project competence and confidence in the early days of his presidency.”

“Consistent with her commitment at the outset to serve in the Administration’s first 100 days, Ambassador Jacobson will retire from her role as Coordinator at the end of this month,” Sullivan declared in a White House statement. “She will do so having shaped our relationship with Mexico as an equal partner, having launched our renewed efforts with the Northern Triangle nations of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, and having underscored this Administration’s commitment to reenergizing the U.S. immigration system.”

The former Mexican ambassador’s resignation announcement took place after Biden assigned Vice President Kamala Harris to take charge of the border crisis.

The Biden administration knows what’s going on, but they would rather try to clamp down on any reports stating the obvious about the current situation on the border. Similarly, they would like to ignore the events and keep the American public ignorant about this disaster. A country that’s not capable of defending its border is on the fast-track to failed state status, and if the US doesn’t get its house in order, it could be in for a social crisis of unprecedented proportions.

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