Family of Dead Thug Daunte Wright Posts TikTok Twerking Video After Cop Who Accidentally Discharged Weapon is Convicted of Manslaughter

The family of the dead thug Daunte Wright posted a TikTok twerking video celebrating after police officer Kim Potter was convicted of manslaughter for accidentally discharging her firearm and killing Wright during a police encounter in April.

Wright was a highly-dangerous suspect who was fleeing police, and Potter hoped to discharge her taser but instead fired her gun, eventually resulting in Wright’s death. The dead thug’s family posted a video on TikTok of themselves dancing following the verdict, which can be seen here:

Twitter users responded with extreme displeasure to this foul display in action:

Before he was shot while fleeing police, Wright terrorized his community for many years, being involved in multiple shootings, armed robberies, and a home burglary.  

“He’s an evil human being. Worse than a monster, a waste of space on earth,” Jennifer LeMay said to in an interview. Her son, Caleb, is permanently disabled after being shot in the head by Wright and being left for dead two years ago.

“Daunte shot my son and left him to die,” she said. “During his hospital stay Caleb almost died six times because of his injuries.”

Big League Politics has reported on how far-left radicals are working to keep vermin like Wright on the streets as part of their plan to destabilize and destroy America from within:

Orlando, Fla. resident Reginald Lamar Harris, 47, is behind bars yet again after speeding on the wrong side of the road after allegedly stealing a car and killing two siblings while being chased by law enforcement.

Harris has quite the extensive rap sheet, which includes 18 felony convictions, 20 misdemeanor convictions, and eight prison sentences, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. Still, he was allowed back on the streets despite his history of recidivism, and two innocent people are now dead as a result.

“I mean, the bottom line is (he was a) career criminal. He murdered two people. Those kids were murdered. It’s no different than if he took a gun and put it to their heads, what he did to those kids,” Chitwood said.

Harris was believed to have been driving in excess of 100 miles per hour during the time of the crash. 21-year-old Domynick Milis, and his 18-year-old sister, Danycka Milis, were killed in the crash. Kyley Larsen, 17, and Drake Milis, 13, were in the back seat and injured in the crash but are expected to survive. The survivors have created a GoFundMe which has already raised almost $150,000.

Big League Politics has reported on the explosion of crime across the country as liberal criminal justice reform allows dangerous thugs back onto the streets.”

Wright will be the next felon martyr for the denizens of the Black Lives Matter movement as they perpetuate their war against order, decency and civilization. Behold the fruits of multiculturalism.

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