Famous Epidemiologist at Harvard is Canned For Refusing To Take Wuhan Virus Vaccine

Martin Kulldorff, a world famous infectious disease epidemiologist, was recently fired from his professorship at Harvard Medical School for refusing to take the Wuhan virus vaccine. Kulldorff refused to take the vaccine due to how he had acquired immunity.

His refusal of the vaccine previously cost him his appointment at a Harvard-connected hospital a few yars ago. 

“Harvard Medical School has affiliation agreements with several Boston hospitals which it neither owns nor operationally controls. Hospital-based faculty, such as Dr. Kulldorff, are employed by one of the affiliates, not by HMS, and require an active hospital appointment to maintain an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School,” a Harvard spokesperson said to The College Fix in email correspondence on March 14, 2024.

Kulldorff informed The Wall Street Journal on March 14 that after Mass General Brigham fired him, he was placed on administrative leave from his faculty position. The university would end up officially firming to settle the matter once and for all. He revealed that Harvard and Harvard-connected  hospitals do not support the concept of  infection-acquired immunity and would reject Kuldorrf’s exemption requests.

Since the Wuhan virus lockdowns kicked off four years ago in March 2020, Kulldorff contended that measures such as social distancing, masking children, taking vaccines after infections, and other draconian measures were suboptimal ways to tackle the virus. He  was a co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration, which urged for pushing more pragmatic strategies that would let countries worldwide reach “herd immunity.” Thus far, 1 million scientists across the globe have signed on to this letter.

In response to Kulldorff’s firing, his supporters drafted a petition pushing for his reinstatement, arguing that such a move  will uphold the values of academic freedom and respect for individual autonomy in health decisions that Harvard stands for.” This petition was signed by close to 3,000 individuals. 

The Wuhan virus era is undoubtedly one of the low points in American history. It witnessed many politicians show their real, petty tyrant colors by imposing draconian lockdowns, social distancing standards, and other heavy-handed measures to tackle a virus that ended up being not so dangerous. 

Unfortunately, there are nasty residual effects such as vaccine mandates that still exist in institutions across the US. Kulldorff is sadly one of the victims of these policies. Hopefully, a dissident network of health professionals can help find him employment after such a harrowing ordeal. 

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