Far-Left Academic Calls for White Christian ‘Countergenocide’ to Achieve Racial Retribution

California children may be learning about the need for a “countergenocide” of white Christians in order to achieve racial retribution if new proposed school standards are approved.

Researcher Christopher Rufo of the Discovery Institute posted about what is in a proposed “ethnic studies” curriculum that leftists want taught in every public school throughout California:

Anti-white race hate has gone mainstream with the rise of the Black Lives Matter terror movement, which has been promoted relentlessly by the fake news media and the Democrat Party.

Big League Politics has reported on how far-left race activists have engaged in revolutionary violence for months in order to inflict terror on the white population, even targeting prominent politicians:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is calling Black Lives Matter a “terrorist” group after months of sustained violence from the organization has rocked the nation.

“Their goal is terrorism. They’re admitting it. If you look at their exchanges online and social media, they’re saying their goal is to terrorize public officials, and really anybody. Many of the people at the restaurants being terrorized are not public officials. But their goal is terror,” Paul said during a recent Homeland Security Committee meeting.

Paul has been the victim of BLM terror in the past. While leaving the Republican National Convention last month, he was hounded by a mob of leftist terrorists who put his family in danger...

Paul has typically been a proponent of police reform and has echoed some of the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter activists, particularly on issues like ending qualified immunity and no-knock warrants. That has not stopped the group from attacking him, which has opened Paul’s eyes about the true nature of the movement.

BLM is working to change the United States of America into the United States of Somalia. They are brainwashing children as the last phase of their war to destroy beauty, decency and civilization.

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