Far-Left Journalist Glenn Greenwald Wonders ‘Who Gives A F*ck’ about Trump/Ukraine Hoax

Left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald was a prominent skeptic of the Russia-gate narrative used to facilitate the impeachment of President Donald Trump, and he is similarly skeptical of its sequel regarding Ukraine.

Greenwald bemoaned the “weird retrograde Cold War obsession” that has developed among the Democrats in the age of Trump. He believes that “no one cares about” the supposed Ukraine scandal with actual problems facing Americans like “stagnating wages,” lack of access to health care, and student debt continuing to skyrocket.

“Basically, what has the past four years of Trump’s presidency been dominated by? Russian and Ukraine — like do you think people in the key swing states wake up in the morning and give the slightest thought to like, what Putin is doing?” Greenwald said to journalist Justin Caruso in an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller.

“Or whether the U.S. is like, sufficiently arming Ukraine, or who knows who the ambassador of Ukraine is or who gives a f*ck if Trump wanted to fire him?” he added. “Or like, Lev Parnas, or whatever that guy’s name is who gave that interview to Rachel Maddow, that everyone can’t stop talking about now?”

Greenwald is dismayed that Democrats are obsessed about these issues while largely ignoring the things that actually matter to ordinary Americans.

“What do the Democrats stand for… some kind of weird retrograde Cold War obsession that no one cares about?” Greenwald asked.

Greenwald also said he now feels “equally at home” with “what’s called conservative media” as the liberal media, adding that he does not “think one is better than the other.”

He has been seen more on Tucker Carlson’s eponymous prime-time show on Fox News than any other major program in recent months:

Greenwald thinks the only hope for the Democrats in this year’s presidential election is Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who has largely kept to his socialist message even amidst the impeachment hoopla.

“I don’t think any other Democrat has anything to say about [the issues] except Bernie Sanders, who Trump, I don’t know if you heard about that newly released recording that said he was the only one he feared when it came to Hillary’s vice president because he has credibility to condemn trade and neoliberalism, and all the other stuff that has destroyed jobs in the Midwest,” he said.

“I think the Democrats best chance by far is nominating Bernie because he does talk to regular people’s concerns. I don’t think any of the other Democratic candidates do,” Greenwald added.

Unfortunately for Greenwald, the Democratic Party establishment will pull out all the stops to keep Sanders from winning the nomination, just like they did in 2016. The fractured party that will result bodes very well for President Trump’s re-election chances.

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