Far Left News Outlet Mic Fired Most of Staff Ahead of Potential Sale

A far-left news outlet has announced the firing of most of its staff while its CEO tries to dump the company on a larger media organization.

“Mic CEO Chris Altchek announced the layoffs at a staff meeting this morning. Until today the company had employed more than 100 people,” according to Recode. 

Altchek is reportedly trying to close a deal to sell the site to Bustle Media Group.

“Mic raised more than $60 million to build a millennial-focused news company but couldn’t find a business model to support its costs, which include a one-floor office in Manhattan’s World Trade Center (an earlier version of this story incorrectly reported the size of Mic’s office),” according to the report.

That’s a lot of money to spend only to find out that millennials don’t read, which someone should have told those poor investors.

The New York Post said that Mic is set to sell for somewhere around $5 million.

Mic was a far left media outlet that had an entire section designated for “Navigating Trump’s America.”

That section of the site included such headlines as “Today in Trump’s America: US fires tear gas at migrants, including children and toddlers.” Mic did not once report about the Obama administration using tear gas at the border, which it did more than 500 times.

Another headline reported that “Betsy DeVos’ predecessor says new Title IX rules will dissuade victims from reporting sexual assault.” DeVos implemented new rules requiring due process for the accused on college campuses, instead of getting trounced on by kangaroo courts implemented by universities.

The site also harangued Trump for partaking in the annual Turkey pardoning event, a White House tradition, with a headline reading “This Week in Politics: A few House midterm races still up in the air as Trump pardons a turkey.”

Bon voyage, Mic! 

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