Far Left Protester Throws Russian Flags at President Trump


A protester was arrested on Tuesday for posing as journalist and throwing Russian flags at President Trump as he arrived at the Senate GOP lunch.

Ryan Clayton was wearing a suit and posing as a member of the press pool when he began screaming that “Trump is treason” and threw a handful of small flags at the president as he was walking alongside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.


Trump kept his cool and did not react as the unhinged protester was apprehended.

When asked about the incident, McConnell told reporters that he had not even noticed it happening.

“You guys were hollering so loud frankly I didn’t even notice it,” the Senate Majority Leader told reporters who were gathered.


In July, Clayton was also apprehended in a Senate office building after throwing Russian flags at Jared Kushner.

Clayton is a member of Bob Creamer’s group “Americans Take Action.” Someone from the same group was previously kicked out of CPAC for handing out Russian flags with Trump’s name on them to members of the crowd.


Shortly after the incident, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe posted a video of Clayton following and screaming at one of his young female undercover reporters and attempting to enter the cab she was taking to get away from him.

It is unclear who signed Clayton in to the area, allowing him to gain such close access to Trump for this stunt.

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