Father Exposes How Ralph Northam’s Careless Doctor Work Harmed His Daughter For Life

Eric Swan sat down with Big League Politics at the Virginia Tea Party Summit in Richmond to tell the story of how Virginia Democrat governor Ralph Northam mis-diagnosed his daughter in the hospital, causing her severe lifelong harm.

Northam’s mis-diagnosis occurred on February 18, 2000. “It seemed like he was interested in other things,” Swan said of Northam’s conduct in the hospital. “He didn’t show any particular care towards my daughter.”

BLP reported: Public records reveal Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who endorsed infanticide as a form of abortion on Wednesday, received almost $2 million in campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood.

Research reveals nearly $2 million in campaign contributions from the taxpayer funded pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood sent to Northam, who endorsed a bill that would allow new mothers to determine whether they wanted to keep a child after delivery, essentially legalizing infanticide.

Northam received $1.996 million from Planned Parenthood Virginia over the course of five years, with most of the donations coming in during his 2017 election campaign. These include massive cash injections of $338,852, $278,247, $255,641, and other similar amounts in the final days before the election.

Planned Parenthood claims it is a woman’s health clinic focusing on prenatal care, but an author claims it admitted last year that it is “paid to do abortions” in a new book.

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