Fauci Admits Omicron Variant is “Almost Certainly” Less Severe than Others

NIAID director and Biden medical Czar Anthony Fauci admitted that the omicron variant of the Chinese coronavirus is “almost certainly” less severe than other forms of the disease, a nod to data and research suggesting that many fears about the new variant are overblown and abetted by the media. Fauci was speaking during a medical briefing on Tuesday.

It appears that with the cases that are seen, we are not seeing a very severe profile of disease,” said Fauci, contrasting the severity of omicron with the delta variant of coronavirus.

Fauci did qualify his assessment of the omicron variant, stating that the appearance of its relative benignity could be a result of larger samples of young people infected with the disease. Older populations infected with the omicron variant could incur more serious hospitalizations and deaths, Fauci stated.

However, this could be influenced by the fact that many in this particular cohort are young individuals, the hospital stay seems to be less and the use of supplemental oxygen needs to be less. Again I caution you, these are still preliminary,” said Fauci.

Fauci declined to encourage or authorize Americans to go about their lives, contrasting with many instances in which the federal medical czar instructed the public to refrain from their everyday lives and practice strict and draconian coronavirus restrictions.

A doctor who first identified the omicron variant has also suggested it’s less dangerous than previous variants of the disease, with patients incurring less serious symptoms and consistently making quick recoveries. Fear over the variant has led to a renewed round of coronavirus restrictions, with governments and corporations rushing to reinstate devastating rules to small businesses and middle-class people.

The Biden administration chief medical advisor has been dogged by evidence revealing he oversaw the funding of dangerous gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, going on to lie to Congress about the nature of the research. Fauci has taken to lashing back at his critics in recent weeks, suggesting Senator Ted Cruz should be prosecuted for bringing up his own perjury before Congress.

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