FBI Agents Finally Raid Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Trafficking Private Island

Just days after the billionaire pedophile mysteriously died of suicide in a Manhattan jail, the FBI has raided Jeffrey Epstein’s “private island,” where it’s alleged he trafficked underage girls to be abused by himself and a network of wealthy oligarchs.

At least a dozen FBI agents arrived at the island on speed boats Monday morning. Epstein was found dead in his jail cell on Saturday.

The agents were photographed disembarking in agency clothing. They took to golf carts to continue the operation after arriving.

Anonymous tourists to the island told the Daily Mail that the FBI agents were seen executing a search of Epstein’s primary residence on the island.

Little St. James is a 70-acre island located in the Virgin Islands of the Caribbean Sea. It’s said that Epstein hosted depraved orgies on the island in which trafficked girls were coerced into sexual acts with Epstein and his friends. The island contains a strange temple-like structure built by Epstein.

Accounts of Epstein’s sex trafficking activities had been widely known for years. The billionaire financier escaped serious criminal repercussions on account of his insider connections to Florida prosecutors in 2008, facing only 13 months in jail for prostitution charges, despite a plethora of evidence suggesting he was involved in far more serious sex crimes.

The hammer finally came down on Epstein when he was arrested in July and charged with sex trafficking.

It’s possible the federal agents obtained a search warrant to compile any evidence of Epstein’s criminal acts before his minions have a chance to destroy it. The investigation of Epstein may continue in spite of his death, as Attorney General Bill Barr has expressed a preference for his co-conspirators to be held accountable.

Big League Politics will continue to monitor the situation.

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