FBI Informant Who Helped Stage Phony Kidnapping Plot of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is Charged with Fraud

Stephen Robeson, an FBI informant who helped stage the phony kidnapping hoax of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, is being hit with fraud charges.

Robeson was charged last week for allegedly defrauding a couple out of an SUV by convincing them to donate it to a fake charity. His wife, Kimberly, has also been charged. They will face up to three years in prison with fines up to $10,000 if they are convicted.

Court records indicate that Robeson was particularly instrumental in setting up the phony kidnapping plot of Whitmer that was used as an “October Surprise” of sorts before the Nov. 2020 presidential election. He found the patsies who were set up, organized meetings that were bugged, and paid expenses for the poor saps to attend the events used to create the bogus kidnapping scheme.

Robeson, who is a serial recidivist felon, was also brought up on illegal firearm charges. Instead of serving a maximum of 10 years in prison on the felony charge, he accepted a plea deal that allowed him to skate with time served and probation. As usual, the feds protect their own and hold them to a different standard of justice than ordinary Americans.

Big League Politics reported on how another FBI stooge was hit with domestic abuse charges shortly after initiating the raid against patriots entrapped in the phony kidnapping setup:

An FBI agent behind the arrests of several Michigan men who were allegedly planning the kidnapping of Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been fired by the federal agency, following serious domestic violence charges against the agent.

Richard Trask, the ex-agent in question, is accused of smashing his wife’s head against a nightstand and choking her in July. Court documents allege that Trask was angry with his wife after she told him she didn’t enjoy a swingers’ party the couple had attended.

A spokesperson for the FBI confirmed to Michigan WWMT that Trask no longer works for the agency on Saturday.

A confidential informant was paid almost $9,000 to recruit ‘military wannabees’ to the supposed kidnapping plot, which would’ve involved placing Whitmer on ‘trial’ outside of the state after kidnapping her from her home. A lawyer for one of the defendants has called the plot a fabrication on the part of the government, saying there was never anything to it beyond dramatic bluster posted in internet chat rooms. One alleged militia plotter has pled guilty, with proceedings ongoing at both the federal and state level for fourteen people.

Trask, an investigator of the supposed ‘Wolverine Watchmen,’ was dropped as a witness by the prosecutors of the case after he was pinned for left-wing social media posts in which he called former President Donald Trump a ‘douchebag’ and a ‘piece of s***.’

Trask’s downfall from the agency and political slant may jeopardize criminal charges against members of the supposed militia group, which continue to be litigated in the federal court system. Defense attorneys for the defendants have requested 90 days to investigate the backgrounds and actions of FBI agents involved in the purported bust, which increasingly resembles an entrapment-style plot with no chance of ever actually coming to fruition. Federal agencies have used such tactics in numerous instances against supposed ISIS supporters and Islamist radicals in previous years, in some cases creating chatrooms and peer groups that themselves radicalize potential extremists into criminal action.

The Whitmer kidnapping plot stunk to high heaven from the start. The feds have to fake terror plots because there is no domestic terror threat to speak of coming from the Right. The real terrorists, after all, are operating out of Washington D.C.

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