FBI Only Reviewed 3,000 Weiner Emails, Proving Fake News Media Wrong Again

The fake news media (read: enemies of the American people) rushed to debunk then-candidate Donald J. Trump’s claim that the FBI could not possibly have reviewed all of Anthony Weiner’s 650,000 plus emails in eight days, only to be proven wrong nearly two years later.

“You can’t review 650,000 emails in eight days,” Trump said at a November 7, 2016 campaign rally in reference to the emails obtained from Weiner’s laptop as part of the Clinton email scandal.

Real Clear Investigations put together a timeline of the Clinton/Weiner probe in the context of all that has been revealed about the anti-Trump bias at the highest level of American law enforcement.

“Sept. 26 – New York FBI agents investigating sex crimes allegations against Weiner  discover “a large volume of emails,” including long-sought BlackBerry messages, related to Clinton on a laptop used by Abedin and her husband. The number of potentially relevant emails would total 694,000 – or more than 10 times the number that were thought to have existed in the initial Clinton probe,” the timeline says.

Disgraced former FBI Directed James Comey then re-opened the Clinton email probe in late October, only to close it eight days later without changing hiss conclusion.

Trump never bought the story, publicly blasting the FBI for its cursory work.

But as usual, the DNC lackeys in the mainstream press played ball for Clinton and company, explaining away Trump’s claim that the feds could not possibly have looked at so many emails in such a short period of time.

“Trump Says It’s Impossible to Search 650,000 Emails in Eight Days. He’s Wrong,” said a Slate headline written by Will Oremus.

The critique seems to imply that the FBI would have had to review each of the emails individually, perhaps even manually, in order to home in on the ones pertinent to the Clinton investigation. But as numerous information technology and computer security experts have pointed out, there are at least two very simple steps that could automatically filter a huge batch of emails down to a far smaller number. First, you could filter them by address to weed out those that were neither sent to or from Clinton, or the associates who used her private server. Second, you could search their Message-ID headers to identify those that are simply duplicates of emails the FBI had already obtained elsewhere.

That never happened. We know now that the FBI never even looked.

“How the F.B.I. Reviewed Thousands of Emails in One Week,” New York Times article said.

“Out of hundreds of thousands of emails seized last month from disgraced former Representative Anthony D. Weiner, a substantial number turned out to be copies of documents already reviewed by F.B.I. agents and analysts, allowing the agency to wrap up in days a review that some had feared would take weeks, if not longer,” according to Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo.

A CBS News report headlined “How The FBI Might Have Processed 650,000 Emails in Clinton Probe,” cited a “forensics expert” to prove their bogus claim.

“This is not rocket science,” Jonathan Zdziarski, a forensics expert who’s consulted for law enforcement, told Wired. “Eight days is more than enough time to pull this off in a responsible way.”

Hear that, America? It’s not rocket science! Trump must be wrong!

And then of course, the mother of all explanations for the quick turnaround came from Comey himself.

The FBI was able to sort through all the emails “thanks to the wizardry of our technology,” he said before Congress.

The mainstream press, once again, is caught carrying water for the anti-Trump crowd, including corrupt high-level bad actors in the FBI, and the Trump-hating DNC.

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