FBI Pays A Hostile Visit to Woman’s House To Question Her About Social Media Posts

According to a report by Fox News published on March 30, 2024, FBI agents reportedly carried out an investigation in Oklahoma to review some social media posts a woman made. 

Rolla Abdeljawad reported being visited by FBI agents unexpectedly with respect to her social media. The agents reportedly went to  her home and asked about her posts after receiving alerts from Facebook. Abdeljawad initially sought to have the agents identify themselves by asking them to show their badges on camera. She recounted her experience via a video uploaded by her legal counsel, Hassan Shibly, on the social media platform X.

“Facebook gave us a couple of screenshots of your account,” one agent declared in the video. Abdeljawad responded with the following comment: “So we no longer live in a free country, and we can’t say what we want?” 

An agent donning a red shirt, said “No, we totally do.”

“We do this every day, all day long. It’s just an effort to keep everybody safe and make sure nobody has any ill will,” one agent then told the woman.

In a caption, Shibly gave suggestions to what the public should do in these situations. “What she did right: 1. Refuse to speak to them without a lawyer. 2. Refuse to let them in her house. 3. Record the interaction,” the lawyer declared on X. “What she did wrong: 1. Exit her house. Do not let them in your house if they do not have a warrant but do not exit your house either.” 

The specific posts that provoked the FBI’s visit are still unknown. Nevertheless, Abdeljawad’s vocal criticism of the Gaza conflict, criticizing Israel, and manifesting support for Palestine, are replete throughout her Facebook timeline, per a Fox News report.

“Israeli terrorist filth,” she declared in one post. “They think Ramadan is a weakness for Muslims not, realizing Ramadan is the strength. #FreePalestine May Allah destroy every single despicable zionist, their supporters and backers. Ameen [sic].”

“Don’t fall for their games. Our community is being watched & they are just waiting for any reason to round us up,” Abdeljawad published on March 24,  per Fox News. “If you’re Muslim and/or pro-pal consider all your media accounts, Google searches, mail, messenger, local mosques & political events monitored. #NYC #usa #PoliceState #FreePalestine.”

What is taking place with Abdeljawd and the FBI should be concerning to anyone who believes in free speech. The right to free speech is more than just talking about the weather. It’s about discussing controversial opinions or airing out controversial statements. When we start embracing censorship, no matter who it is, it will inevitably lead to additional encroachments against our freedoms. 

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