FBI Report Whitewashes ANTIFA Dayton, Ohio Shooter, Claiming Connor Betts Didn’t Belong to “Any Specific Ideological Group”

A new FBI final investigative report into Dayton, Ohio mass shooter Dayton Betts completely ignores the hardened militant’s left-wing political affiliation, ascribing no political connotation to Betts’ motivations. Betts killed nine people in an attack on a country music bar in August 2019.

Connor Betts praised the actions of a Portland ANTIFA terrorist who committed arson against an ICE detention facility in 2019, his social media presence replete with endorsements of political violence, left-wing extremism, and hatred towards conservatives. Betts openly identified himself as a socialist in addition to his ANTIFA affiliations.

In spite of his political affiliations, the FBI’s final investigative report into the Dayton shooter’s motive makes no reference to his ideology. The FBI’s report indicates that Betts “was not directed by any organization,” in a statement that appears to be true, “or aligned to any specific ideological group.” Betts openly called to “kill every fascist” in statements on his Twitter account, in what amounts to a massive red flag for political motives in his violence. Betts broke down potential methods to “kill fascists” in other tweets.

The FBI’s report cites alleged lengthy ideation of violence and serial killing on the part of Betts. The Ohio leftist bought the AR pistol firearm used in the Dayton shooting illegally, lying about his frequent drug use to pass a NICS background check. View the FBI’s full final report on Betts and his motives here.

Counter-extremist researchers have found that Betts spoke openly of being influenced by online extremists such as Jared Holt. Betts endorsed progressive Democrat Elizabeth Warren on his Twitter account, with the then-presidential candidate yet to address the matter of a mass shooter supporting her campaign.

Betts performed in drag as the vocalist of a ‘pornogrind’ metal band, a genre generally disliked by metal fans and thought to be a mockery of real metal music.

The total dismissal of Betts’ radical left-wing views in the FBI’s report is the latest in a string of developments casting doubt upon the agency’s independence. The federal justice system recently handed probation to a man who attacked a Republican Senator office’s with an axe, with J6 defendants arrested for mere trespassing spending years in prison.

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