FDA and CDC Call for Pause on Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Over Blood Clot Concerns

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have called for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to be temporarily halted after multiple reported cases of blood clots.

“We are recommending a pause in the use of this vaccine out of an abundance of caution,” Dr. Peter Marks, director of the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, and Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the C.D.C., said in a joint press release. “Right now, these adverse events appear to be extremely rare.”

One woman has died after developing a rare disorder two weeks following the vaccination while another remains in critical condition. Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine production division, Janssen, is denying any culpability for the public health disaster.

“We are aware that thromboembolic events including those with thrombocytopenia have been reported with Covid-19 vaccines. At present, no clear causal relationship has been established between these rare events and the Janssen Covid-19 vaccine,” Johnson & Johnson stated.

More than six million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine have been administered so far.

Many politicians, including former President Donald Trump, are downplaying the news in an attempt to maintain confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine regime.

“NYC now has the biggest messaging challenge yet in vaccination,” New York City councilman Marc Levine wrote in a tweet. “We have to do everything possible to avoid a collapse in confidence in vaccination overall.”

Trump blamed a conspiracy to stop the distribution of the vaccines, which he has been promoting relentlessly for months.

“The Biden Administration did a terrible disservice to people throughout the world by allowing the FDA and CDC to call a “pause” in the use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine,” he wrote in an email blast to supporters. “The results of this vaccine have been extraordinary but now it’s reputation will be permanently challenged.”

“The people who have already taken the vaccine will be up in arms, and perhaps all of this was done for politics or perhaps it’s the FDA’s love for Pfizer. The FDA, especially with long time bureaucrats within, has to be controlled.  They should not be able to do such damage for possibly political reasons, or maybe because their friends at Pfizer have suggested it,” Trump added.

Big League Politics has reported on how the Johnson & Johnson vaccines have been synthesized using the mangled tissue of murdered fetuses:

Catholic leaders in the state of Michigan are warning the public that Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines are made from the tissue of dead, mutilated fetuses.

Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron and a coalition of six other Catholic leaders throughout the state have been sounding the alarm about these vaccines. They are demanding for public officials to be honest and transparent with the public about the troubling origin of these experimental vaccines.

“It is morally permissible to receive the vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna. Neither of these vaccines have used cell lines originating in tissue taken from aborted babies in their design, development and production,” a statement from the regional Catholic church stated.

“However, both the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccine did use such a cell line in the confirmatory testing. This connection to the abortion is very remote, however, and it is important to keep in mind that there are varying levels of responsibility. Greater moral responsibility lies with the researchers than with those who receive the vaccine,” they added.

The church noted that other vaccine researchers, such as Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, are using the chopped up fetal parts more directly in synthesizing their vaccines, and this is becomes untenable from a moral perspective.

“The vaccines developed by Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca are more morally problematic, however. They utilized in the design, production, development, and confirmatory testing a cell line that originated from tissue taken from an aborted baby. These vaccines may be received only if there are no other alternatives,” the church wrote.”

It will be years before the public understands the true ramifications of these experimental fetus-derived shots. The blood clots, and subsequent pause by the CDC, are but the first of what could be a long train of unintended consequences.

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