FDA Commissioner Admits That Censoring “Misinformation” Is a Primary Objective of The Agency

The United States Food and Drug Administration Agency (FDA) recently revealed that it’s a major player in the “war on misinformation.”

 FDA Commissioner Robert Califf declared that “managing misinformation” is one of the agency’s “overarching priorities.”

The FDA’s goal is to maintain narratives and messaging around matters such as additives used by the food industry, CBD, and kratom – and even Covid – under control. Basically FDA authorities want to keep these safe from “misinformation.”

In a webinar hosted by Alliance for a Stronger FDA, Commissioner Califf declared that people are “very suspicious of government and concerned about overreach.”

Califf is particularly concerned about the developments in the “misinformation battlefield.” He believes that the FDA is not “winning the misinformation battle.”

This battle goes beyond food and supplement safety and it has also featured messaging around Wuhan virus.

There’s clearly a concerted effort by government agencies like the FDA to police speech. 

They ultimately know they can’t win in an environment of free discourse and open debate. Hence their campaigns to impose censorship and silence any meaningful dissent. 

This is just one of many reasons why agencies like the FDA need to be abolished. Such agencies are unaccountable to voters and only accumulate more power even they fail at their mission or violate Americans’ freedoms. 

A respectable republic like the US cannot allow the FDA to continue to exist as a functioning government agency.

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