Federal Government Doles Out $4 Million to University of Arizona For LGBTQ+ Mental Health Program

About $4 million in federal grants was doled out by the federal government to the University of Arizona for LGBTQ+ mental health services.

The UA Southwest Institute for Research on Women was recently awarded $3.7 million in federal grants, per a university news release published in late February. The two grants came from the United States Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

The funds will be used to boost mental health programs for LGBTQ+ youth as part of the UA institute’s mission to “develop, conduct, and disseminate collaborative outreach, education, intervention, and research projects of importance to diverse groups.”

Such an infusion of funds has raised concerns from several members of the UA student body.

UA student Kunal Lobo said to The College Fix he is concerned that the money will be used to advance critical race theory and similar ideologies.

“Obviously, everyone – including LGBT people – can benefit from mental health services,” Lobo said in a text message. “However, what they define as mental health services is not directly said in the press release, so I have my skepticism.”

Given the mental health resources pushing CRT, it’s not a giant leap to think that they’re pushing gender ideology as well,” Lobo added in his statement to The Fix.

He noted that he is “highly suspicious” that the resources alluded to in the grant “are not true therapy resources and rather the gender ideology version of it.”

The university institute will allegedly use the $2.5 million grant to finance  its Spectrum+ program, which has the aim of providing “sexual health education, HIV and hepatitis testing and HIV prevention navigation,” according to the news release.

On top of that, Spectrum+ links participants with mental health services, per the release.

A second $1.2 million grant will finance the UA Family Pride Initiative in the next three years, the news release highlighted.

The initiative links LGBTQ youth to mental health services “as well as training for parents, counselors and others who provide care to LGBTQ+ youth.”

The programs will also use the grant funds to carry out “outreach with the Arizona Department of Child Safety and the local juvenile court system to reach youth and their families who may need these services,” per the news release.

The goal of the programs is to tackle the “common experience” of LGBTQ youth, which includes “feeling rejected by family members for their sexual or gender identity.”

“In many cases, this can lead to family separation and even homelessness – an issue that SIROW has long worked to address,” stated Shannon Fowler, co-project director for the Family Pride Initiative, in a press release.

The federal government is clearly promoting an agenda of degeneracy by doling out these grants. The depraved ruling class that lords over us knows full well that university students are not only impressionable but are the future leaders of the nation. 

This is why they promote all manner of leftist agenda items to ensure that the future generation will be under the Left’s hegemonic grip. The Right has to make sure to purge these institutions of leftist influence once they get in power in order to prevent further cultural decay in America.

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