Federal Judge Blocks Access to ‘Sensational and Impure’ Documents in Ghislaine Maxwell Child Sex Trafficking Case

U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan has ruled that many of the documents in the case of Jeffrey Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell are too “sensational and impure” to be seen by the public.

“Those portions of the transcript, which were redacted in the civil matter, concern privacy interests, and their disclosure would merely serve to cater to a ‘craving for that which is sensational and impure,’” wrote Judge Nathan, who was Associate White House Counsel for former president Barack Obama. “The Court thus concludes that such redactions are justified.”

The government has argued that redactions are necessary to “protect the integrity” of the case against Maxwell and protect the privacy of potential victims and other third parties.

“Exhibit 1 contains a single redaction—the name of a third party—and the Court concludes that that individual’s personal privacy interests outweigh the presumption of access that exists as to that limited portion of the exhibit,” Judge Nathan wrote. 

“The proposed redactions to Exhibit 7 are similar in that they seek to protect from public access only the names and contact information of third parties. Here, too, the interest in protecting the safety and privacy of those individuals outweighs the presumption of access that attaches to those documents,” she added.

While the state may hide behind privacy as an excuse to withhold crucial documents from the public, there has been a troubling pattern of Maxwell being protected by the system in a similar manner that Epstein was protected for many years before his suspicious “suicide.”

Big League Politics has reported on how the courts have given favoritism to Maxwell despite her deep connections to one of the worst sex predators in American history:

A federal judge has stopped court documents related to dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell from being released to the public after Maxwell argued that it revealed intimate details about her sex life.

Maxwell argued that the details were “highly intrusive” and would deprive her of having a fair trial, and a judge has granted the request. However, some of the details that are already known about Maxwell’s sex life and alleged participation in Epstein’s child sex trafficking operation are already quite scandalous.

Epstein victim Virginia Roberts claims that Maxwell undressed her and coerced her into licking Epstein’s nipples when she was only 15. Maxwell then allegedly undressed and coerced Roberts into performing oral sex on Epstein. Roberts also claims that Maxwell was involved in “continuous” orgies on pedo island.

“There’s so many, I don’t know where you want me to start,” Roberts said about the girls that Maxwell had relations with.

“There were blondes, there were brunettes, there were redheads. They were all beautiful girls. I would say the ages ranged between 15 and 21,” she added.

Other unsealed documents show that Epstein coached Maxwell following Roberts’ lawsuit against her in 2015, telling her that she had “done nothing wrong” and to “start acting like it.” Roberts alleges that they constantly reminded her of their powerful associates in order to scare her into silence and compliance.

“Jeffrey did a lot more of that than she did. But she definitely made it aware that we shouldn’t cross boundaries with them,” she said.”

Maxwell’s alleged crimes require transparency. America is on its last legs.

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