Federal Judge BLOCKS Enforcement of Joe Biden’s 100-Day Deportation Moratorium After Ken Paxton Lawsuit

A federal judge has blocked the enforcement of Joe Biden’s 100-day deportation moratorium, according to the Associated Press.

US District Judge Drew Tipton, a Trump appointee, issued a temporary restraining order against the Department of Homeland Security’s instructions to pause deportations on Tuesday. This comes in response to the state of Texas’ lawsuit against the Biden administration, in which Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton claimed that the moratorium violates federal immigration law and a DHS agreement with the state.

Judge Tipton said the Biden administration failed “to provide any concrete, reasonable justification for a 100-day pause on deportations.”

Attorney General Paxton claimed victory in a Tuesday afternoon tweet: “VICTORY. Texas is the FIRST state in the nation to bring a lawsuit against the Biden Admin. AND WE WON. Within 6 days of Biden’s inauguration, Texas has HALTED his illegal deportation freeze. *This* was a seditious left-wing insurrection. And my team and I stopped it.”

The Biden administration may try everything in its power to overturn this ruling. After all, Biden’s immigration policy is likely the most radical in United States presidential history, and he has made it clear that he’ll try to implement it as quickly as possible. To name a couple major priorities, Biden has said he’s committed to temporarily freezing deportations, extending DACA, and granting amnesty to virtually every illegal alien residing in the United States. He will also presumably work to increase legal immigration levels when the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

Much of the character and future of the United States depends on how we handle immigration. Attorney General Paxton has shown his willingness to fight against Biden’s open border policies, but we need more Republicans to step up as well.

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