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Federal Judge Blocks ICE’s ‘Secure Communities’ Program in California at Request of ACLU Lawyers



U.S. District Court Judge Andre Birrote Jr, an appointee of former President Barack Hussein Obama, issued an injunction last week preventing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from using ‘Secure Communities’ databases to identify and detain illegals in parts of California.

Birotte determined that ICE’s database had “serious errors.” The rights of the illegals were violated by the program, he stated while issuing his injunction that will further exacerbate the flooding at the U.S. southern border.

“The result, of course,” Birrote explained in his ruling, “is that many U.S. citizens become exposed to possible false arrest when ICE relies solely on deficient databases.”

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The class-action lawsuit, Gonzalez v. ICE, had been pending since 2013. The plaintiffs were represented in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles by the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON), the legal firm Kaye, McLane, Bednarski + Litt LLP, the National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC), and, of course, the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Southern California (ACLU SoCal).

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The ruling will pertain to all ICE detainers carried out in the Central District of California, and the far-left ACLU is gloating as a result.

“This decision is a major indictment of ICE’s dragnet deportation program, which for more than a decade has subjected citizens and non-citizens to needless unconstitutional arrests at the mere click of a button,” said Jennie Pasquarella, senior staff attorney and director of immigrants’ rights for the ACLU SoCal.

“Reams of evidence presented at trial demonstrated ICE’s complete disregard for the people impacted by its actions and its concern only with using an automated system to arrest record numbers of people,” she added.

ICE’s “Secure Communities” program was suspended during the Obama regime, and then re-enacted by President Trump’s Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States executive order in 2017. ICE describes their program as follows:

Secure Communities will utilize all available data systems and Criminal Alien Program resources to identify and take enforcement actions (to include the lodging of detainers) against criminal and other priority aliens while they are in the custody of another law enforcement or correctional agency. This will prevent their release back into the community, and thus stop the cycle of recidivism perpetrated by many of these criminal and immigration offenders.

Secure Communities had a long and successful history prior to its suspension as indicated above. In fact, from its inception in 2008 through FY14 and since its reactivation on January 25, 2017 through the end of FY 2017, Secure Communities interoperability led to the removal of over 363,400 criminal aliens from the U.S.

The crippling of this program will only further add to the sanctuary policies that have already caused the state of California to descend into third-world squalor.

“This year, ICE lodged over 11,000 detainers with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, but unfortunately, less than 500 of those detainers have been honored,” said David Marin, Field Office Director for ICE ERO in Los Angeles.

“These are criminal aliens and immigration violators who have been arrested and were in the custody of local law enforcement agencies,” he added.

The federal kritarchy, or rule by robed lawyers acting outside of the bounds of the constitution and rule of law, is putting the most vulnerable at risk. The enemies of America are cheering as a result of this incomprehensible ruling.

“I think the decision is a tremendous blow to ICE’s Secure Communities deportation program and to Trump’s effort to use police throughout the country to further his deportation programs,” Jessica Bansal, senior staff attorney with the ACLU of Southern California, said to the Los Angeles Times.

Border Security

South Texas Latinos Reject Radical Open Borders and Anti-Police Message

Latinos are Not the Monolith that Democrat Strategists Make Them Out to Be



Again and again the media insist that there are no Hispanics who support President Donald Trump. 

The 2020 election proved otherwise. Todd Bensman of the Center of Immigration Studies observed that strong border policies may have explained why Trump was able to make solid gains with Hispanics in Texas’ border counties. This runs against the conventional narrative GOP strategists are pushing, which argues that generic economic policy caused these voters to flip.

CIS did a number of interviews with residents living near the Texas border and in counties such as Cameron, Frio, La Salle, Starr, Val Verde, Webb, and Zapata, all which have been traditional Democrat strongholds. Many of these people were repelled by Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s support for lockdowns and transitioning away from natural gas. However, this was only the tip of the iceberg. 

Bensman offered a nuanced take that no one in the media is covering:

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But that was the least of it. Left largely unreported in the national press is that hundreds of thousands of Latino voters in rural Texas — the sons and daughters of early legal migration — also felt repulsed by the 2019 mass-migration crisis during which nearly one million illegal Central Americans swamped the border as Democratic voices encouraged it, litigated efforts to staunch the tide, and promised open gates under a Biden administration.

“The immigration thing was another reason. A lot of our community from Mexico came here legally. Others were born here in Texas,” declared Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez. Martinez has been a Democrat all of his life and won a fourth term in office in Val Verde County. The county flipped red the first time in decades. 

“The general feeling is that if someone comes to the U.S. they need to do it legally. I think that was probably a good majority of the Republican vote, yes,” Martinez added.

For Gilbert Rodriguez, a fourth-generation co-owner of an industrial equipment business in Del Rio, Texas, a Biden presidency represented more of the same. He is a diehard Republican who has generally felt politically isolated.

Rodriguez’s family has strong roots in the area, which Bensman observed in his piece:

Rodriguez said his mother’s family stretches back as a recipient of one of the region’s original Spanish land grants. His father’s family has lived on the Texas side for generations in the same area as proud Americans of Mexican heritage.

The massive wave of migrants coming from all over the world during 2018 to 2019 spooked Rodriguez and his Latino counterparts in the region. Bensman expanded on this:

The experience of seeing “armies” of unvetted strangers from all over the world — Haitians, Congolese, Middle Easterners, and others — pour over from Mexico during 2018 and 2019, with the encouragement and political protection of national Democrats, not only turned off many Latinos in the region to the party but also ‘scared them shitless”, explained Rodriguez, who lives 500 feet from the Rio Grande and recalled how Border Patrol would routinely ‘line them up and frisk them on our fence’.

“It’s not just Mexican people, and they’re not coming one or two at a time. There are thousands and thousands,” Rodriguez said in an interview with CIS. “A lot of the Hispanics don’t like that. They don’t like that. They’re saying, ‘our people filled out the papers and paid the fees and followed the rule of law.’ They want everyone to follow the law. Just … follow the law. And instead these people are just coming over and flipping the bird at us and just saying, ‘feed me.'”

For many people living in border counties, Border Patrol and ICE provide employment opportunities and economic advancement. Border counties are among the poorest in the U.S. So it was natural that voters in this region were repelled by certain Democrat factions’ proposals to abolish ICE and their overall attacks on border enforcement. Tony Castaneda, the former police chief of Eagle Pass and Republican precinct chairman in Maverick County, cited the Democrat’s hostility towards law enforcement — be it border enforcers or regular police — as the principal drivers behind South Texas Hispanics’ drift towards President Trump.

“The left attacks, and all the unrest and stuff like that, yes. The Border Patrol guys … they were really upset about people not accepting them,” Castaneda stated.

The Latino border voter base has taken note of the crisis at the border and has rejected empty media allegations about racism on the part of President Trump. For these Hispanics, border security takes precedence over Fake New disinformation.

“The media — CNN, ABC, CBS — they kept pounding and pounding and pounding about Trump not liking Hispanics, and again I go back to the same line: A lot of people believed he was not a racist, that it was just political jargon to lambast the president,” commented Castaneda.

Hispanics aren’t a monolith and there’s a growing minority that firmly believe in upholding political American principles. Nationalist leaders should avoid the mistakes that Conservatism Inc. has made with this demographic and instead appeal to them by talking about law and order and immigration restriction. 

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