Federal Judge Issues Class Action Status to Lawsuit Challenging Handgun Prohibition for Young Adults

On August 30, 2023 United States District Judge Robert E. Payne granted class action status to a lawsuit brought about by  Virginia resident John Corey Fraser. On top of that, Payne issued a nationwide injunction against the enforcement of the federal ban on handgun sales for adults under the age of 21 

The DOJ is expected to appeal both parts of Payne’s order to the Fourth Circuit, taking on the class action certification in addition to the injunction that was granted. In his ruling, Payne noted that one of the reasons for justifying the stay of the injunction was the split that’s emerged in courts nationwide. For example, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling that adults below the age of 21 can be barred from buying any gun, whereas other judges have issued rulings that prohibitions on carrying and other prohibitions for individuals under 21 years of age are unconstitutional. 

Such discrepancies in these rulings demonstrate fissure among courts across the nation. This holds true with respect to blue and red states as well. Blue states are gun control hot beds whereas red states tend to be bastions for the right to bear arms. 

There is clearly a growing divide on gun-related issues in American politics. Certain parts of the country will be completely hostile to the concept. By contrast, others will do everything possible to uphold these freedoms. 

At this point, the most pragmatic way to handle the gun question is for states to craft their own gun policies.

The present political arrangement is just asking for all sorts of conflict that could otherwise be avoided. 

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