Federal Nuclear Research Lab Hosts Taxpayer-Funded Marxist Re-Education Against White People

Sandia National Laboratories, a National Nuclear Security Administration research and development laboratory under the auspices of the federal government, hosted a white privilege seminar last year funded with taxpayer money to instill toxic Marxist dogma into white people.

Journalist Christopher F. Rufo, contributing editor of City Journal, broke the story on his Twitter account:

During the Marxist training, white men were forced to humiliate and degrade themselves through a series of dehumanizing exercises.

The principles and values that resulted in America becoming the greatest country in the world were also demonized, as they need to be tossed aside to make way for Year Zero.

This was accompanied by some sort of bizarre cult training along with propaganda lines against white people:

The white people who participated in this farce were forced to beg for forgiveness for their collective sins by writing groveling letters:

Rufo is calling for federal funding to be denied for these extremely “divisive” training sessions and a full banning of Marxist anti-white training through legislation:

Rufo specializes in exposing how Marxist propaganda is disseminated via taxpayer money by government officials. Big League Politics reported on his exposé for the city of Seattle, who forced white employees to undergo a similar training in dehumanization and servitude:

Journalist Christopher F. Rufo of City Journal has retrieved documents showing the Marxist re-education training that white government employees in the city of Seattle were forced to attend.

Core American concepts such as “objectivity” and “individualism” were classified as “internalized racial superiority” and demonized during the training.

White employees were told to accept an increased possibility for physical harm, a willingness to lose all control, and a potential loss of employment as a way of “undoing” their whiteness.

They produced additional propaganda in order to further convince the white employees to hate themselves for their skin color.

The white employees were instructed to alienate friends and family while belligerently proselytizing their new dogma, a tactic regularly used by cults on their new victims.

Rufo is pushing to get the videos of the diversity training from the city in order to figure out which individuals and groups were paid with taxpayer money to administer the marxist re-education.


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