Federalist Publisher Calls Chronicles Associate Editor Pedro Gonzalez a “Barrio Nazi”

As if getting attacked by Douglas Murray wasn’t enough, Chronicles associate editor and Fox News contributor Pedro Gonzalez has fallen victim yet again to a malicious attack on his character. 

This entire incident started when Claremont Institute Senior Fellow Dave Reaboi responded to The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech’s post of a survey that highlighted the growing levels of COVID-19 fanaticism among Democrats.

In his quote tweet response, Reaboi stated “Ok, then—what’s the plan? Bc people who dig concentration camps ain’t digging federalism.”

Domenech responded, “Why would I care what you think after defending that Barrio Nazi?”

Although Domenech didn’t specifically mention Gonzalez, those aware of the inside baseball will know that Reaboi himself is close to Gonzalez and has defended him in the past, especially after Douglas Murray attacked him.

After all, they are both fellows at the Claremont Institute. President of the Mises Institute Jeff Deist came to Gonzalez’s defense as well, declaring in a tweet, “Barrio > Beltway.”

It remains to be seen what the motivation behind Domenech’s hateful comment was. Regardless, this goes to show that Gonzalez is a provocative voice that makes the most milquetoast of commentators show their true colors.

Gonzalez is one of the most prominent voices on the populist Right that’s under 35. As long he’s around taking the political establishment to task, Gonzalez will continue to make political gatekeepers pull their hair out. 

That alone makes him one of the most important voices on the populist Right. 

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