Female Pastor Invites Drag Queen to Teach Scripture to Children at Lutheran Church

A Lutheran church in Chicago, Ill. recently hosted a drag queen pervert to teach scripture to children as the LGBT plague continues to envelop society.

Pastor Erin Coleman Branchaud invited the drag queen to read to children and teach scripture to them during worship on Sunday at the St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Logan Square. It should come as no surprise that the pastor includes her preferred pronouns in her bio.

The church’s Facebook page described the event as “a dress rehearsal for joy” in which “Seminarian Aaron Musser preaches in drag, inviting us to reflect on a joy that overflows so abundantly, it can’t help but make itself known.”

“Today we invite you to wear garments/accessories that make you feel 100%, like the best version of yourself!” the church stated.

“And I decided instead of telling you, ‘this is how I want you to be joyful,’ as we prepare for this dress rehearsal, I figured I would instead put on a dress as so many who have inspired me have done. I decided to follow their example, showing that liberation from oppressive laws clears a path for joy,” they continued.

Big League Politics has reported on how drag queen story hour presentations are glorified grooming exercises where predators are given intimate access to children:

A Milwaukee judge who serves as the President of an LGBTQ+ foundation in Wisconsin was arrested and charged with seven counts of possessing child pornography on Tuesday. Brett Blomme, an elected judge for Branch 5 of the Milwaukee County Circuit Court, is also the President and CEO of the Cream City Foundation.

The Cream City Foundation brags openly about organizing Drag Queen Story Hour events in Milwaukee on its website, sponsoring the practice in which impressionable youths are subjected to sexualized and cross-dressing drag queens…

Judge Blomme’s personal page on the Cream City Foundation’s website was purged within days following his arrest. Blomme appears to have been released from jail, with his Linkedin account also swiftly removed. The page attested to his connection with Cream City Foundation before being deleted.

An edited roster page on the Cream City Foundation’s website also profiles Blomme, describing him as a CEO and Past President of the organization.

Blomme had written articles about topics such as “trans cultural competency training” on Cream City’s website before the group deleted everything in the wake of his arrest.

The criminal complaint detailing the charges against Blomme alleges that he sent no less than 27 images and videos of child sexual abuse, using the messaging app Kik. In disturbing fashion, the complaint alleges that the abusive acts depicted in the material occurred in a Cottage Grove home owned by Blomme and his husband. The couple are the adoptive parents of two children.

On Wednesday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court suspended Blomme from his duties pending the charges. A preliminary hearing is scheduled on May 27th, and the judge is yet to enter a plea.

These drag queen story hour events are being used to mainstream pedophilia. This is the end goal of the LGBT movement, and it becomes clearer by the day.

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