FEMBOYS: How Chinese-Controlled TikTok is Enabling Pedophilia and Gender Bending

The Chinese-controlled TikTok social media app is fostering degeneracy in the West by design, and they are enabling pedophilia and gender bending among children by promoting the #FemBoys hashtag on the social media platform.

VICE profiled this Femboy fad as a “wholesome trend” in which gay and straight teenagers are encouraged to wear dresses and prance around for the delight of pedophiles worldwide.

“Femboys – not to be confused with their slightly more sinister cyber-cousin, e-boys – are people who identify as male or non-binary but present themselves in more traditionally feminine ways, such as through their appearance, personality or general disposition,” wrote VICE contributor Dani Ran.

“Look through the #femboy hashtag and you’ll find hundreds of young men wearing nail varnish, twirling in skirts, crop-tops and dresses,” Ran added.

VICE highlighted a seventeen-year-old femboy named Seth, who has been promoted on the platform under the hashtag #femboyfriday. The China-based company is providing a platform for these confused and unsuspecting children to essentially pimp themselves out to pedophiles.

“I wasn’t aware that there were tons of other boys like me, so the term [femboy] gave me a community,” Seth said to VICE.

“When I first started posting my femboy TikToks, the community was so accepting and kind and even loving. Everyone loved what I posted and loved what I wore, which boosted my confidence immensely and made me feel accepted,” a 16-year-old femboy who goes by the name Jaydden said.

But not everyone is on board with this sickening trend. Many concerned individuals are disgusted and pushing back against this China-enabled degeneracy that is taking hold across the West.

“Over time, my videos reached the wrong side of TikTok and I received thousands of hateful and homophobic comments,” femboy Jaydden said. “It made me feel horrible for just being me and expressing myself.”

Nevertheless, these femboys will continue to encourage other children to become fodder for predators and further the West down a dark road.

“The femboy trend on TikTok shows that more men nowadays are comfortable with their sexuality and masculinity, and that clothing does not define any of that,” Jaydden said. “People can wear what they want without threatening their masculinity.”

Seth agreed: “Men often conflate femininity with weakness, when that is not at all the case.” Dressing femininely makes him feel liberated from societal restraints, he explains, and “people need to see men disregard traditional norms to deconstruct the toxic beliefs they’ve been taught – visibility is the first step necessary for change”.

TikTok is not the only social media platform that serves as a perverted buffet for abusers, as child porn is regularly traded over Twitter and other social media platforms.

Big League Politics has reported on the pedo-pipeline enabled by amoral and depraved Big Tech firms:

An exposé by Rappler has shown the extent to which Twitter is fueling the global child pornography industry.

“Videos featuring minors now exist alongside leaked private sex videos of young adults on social media, particularly on Twitter, where anonymous accounts troop to sell illegally recorded material,” journalist Jodesz Gavilan wrote in the scandalous report.

Gavilan used an example of a video from the Philippines featuring a young boy having his genitals touched on camera. It was shown on Twitter in a teaser video with 300 pesos needed to see the entire child rape video, according to the exposé.

Child pornography is openly spread over Twitter through various hashtags and code words. One term frequently used is “bagets,” which is a euphemism used to refer to young people. Other times they are tagged as “Kiddie Meals” or “SHS” meaning senior high school students.

Rappler uncovered at least eight different accounts on Twitter that were openly selling or trading child pornography on the platform. Examples of videos advertised on the platform include an explicit picture of young boys having sex and young boy being viciously molested by an older man.

Other accounts sell “experiences” with young children, indicating that Twitter may be a child sex trafficking network as well. One account allows customers to buy cybersex experiences with children. This is particularly prevalent in the Philippines, where the exploitation of children is a massive problem.

“Even though there is commendable progress in tackling child sexual exploitation in the country…there have been nonetheless only limited attempts to document and measure the exploitation of children,” said Sheila Estabillo, who leads the Plan International Philippines’ Cyber Safe Spaces Project, to Rappler.

As bad as China’s TikTok is when it comes to enabling Western degeneracy and putting children in harm’s way, the Silicon Valley monopolists could be even more culpable.

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