Fertility Expert Issues a Reality Check to Women: ‘Go for Mr. Good Enough’ If You Want to Have Kids

Western Civilization is undergoing an unprecedented birthrate crisis, and a fertility expert believes that this is happening in part because women are holding out for a “fairy tale” outcome that will likely never happen.

“It is a myth that women leave it later to have a child until they have climbed the career ladder, with studies showing it is much more likely to be because they have not met Mr. Right,” said gynecologist Dr. Meenakshi Choudhary of the Newcastle Fertility Center.

Choudhary is studying women’s eggs and their quality throughout the aging process as apart of her research into fertility. She believes that women need to lower their expectations and settle down if they want to have kids.

“I would advise women not to wait for Mr. Right but to go for Mr. Good Enough if they want to have children,” she said.

Choudhary recently gave a presentation on In vitro fertilization at the Ovarian Club’s annual meeting in Paris. The amount of women who are choosing to freeze their eggs is skyrocketing, as women put off child rearing in the hopes for a fairy tale romance. This Disney mindset that has been drilled into the modern female is causing serious problems for society.

As Big League Politics reported earlier this month, a global fertility crash puts the future of Western Civilization into serious jeopardy as empowered women neglect their duty to future generations:

Academic researchers are being forced to admit the results of feminism and women’s liberation: a global fertility crash that threatens the future of Western Civilization.

The Bloomberg report about this crisis indicates that the birth rate has fallen from five live births per woman in 1960 to just 2.43 live births per woman in 2017. Half of all countries have already fallen below the replacement level, including most wealthy Western countries. This will likely spell dire consequences for the global economy and infrastructure, as the vast amount of future population growth will come from the third-world.

This dovetails into replacement migration, as third-world migrants are flooded into rich Western countries subsidized by rich left-wing oligarchs and often the native taxpayers who are being replaced. Third-world migration is being promoted as a solution to declining Western birthrates , but, in actuality, is only making the civilizational threat far more pressing.

Unless women once again start taking seriously their biological roles and reject the gynocratic propaganda from the Left, Western Civilization is doomed.

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