FIGHT BACK: BuzzFeed Fake News Hack Sued for Libel by Former Journalist Charles Johnson

Former right-wing journalist Charles Johnson, who founded the now defunct, is suing fake news smear merchant Ryan Mac of BuzzFeed News for libel.

Johnson made the announcement with a post on Substack in which he laid out his intentions. He described how he has been viciously attacked for telling the truth, with certain propagandists even targeting his family.

“I got attacked, lied about, and threatened by lesser talents. I learned that the way to live a full life is to live a quiet life. I discovered what all public people who take positions do: They will attack your family to get to you. And you will lose for the same reason that the many can destroy the few: there are more of them and they won’t fight fair,” Johnson wrote.

“The corporate press is designed and optimized to sell advertising and not to tell you the truth. At its most frivolous, it produces empty calories. At its worst it needs witches to feed itself. Only a witch would say that they weren’t a witch, don’t you know. Let’s drag him on Twitter where he can’t respond. Seems fair!” he added.

Johnson noted that the accusations of racism and anti-Semitism will be hurled at conservative journalists regardless of how mendacious and obviously false the smears may be.

“You can donate to Jewish organizations, be supported by Jewish leaders, back Jewish candidates, do business with Jews, have Jewish friends, even a Jewish girlfriend. None of it matters when the journalists will just lie about you. They will unperson you. And you are supposed to accept it, as if they, not you, are the author of your fate,” Johnson wrote.

Johnson is filing his lawsuit against Ryan Mac of BuzzFeed because he hopes that exposing fake news hacks and making them pay will allow real journalism to thrive.

“The fake journalists are getting desperate while their business models fall apart. For some, this collapse coincides with their own lives falling apart. For others they never had their lives quite together in the first place. For others they live off of rich parents or spouses, especially the ones who lust after the prestige game. You can’t eat prestige, buy a house with it, or pay your kid’s school fees,” he wrote.

“So they turn to envy and resentment, especially of the rich. Some of these fake journalists develop behaviors that can only be described as stalking. They call it a “beat” as if they were going to beat you,” Johnson added.

Even though Johnson was run out of the journalism industry because of these hyenas, he hopes his lawsuit will be able to pave the way for younger journalists to carry the banner for truth without having to worry about a glass ceiling controlled by corporate shills.

“I fight now because the lies have set from muck to concrete and because I am no longer fighting just for myself. I am fighting for America, for a responsible press, for the First Amendment. I am fighting for my friends and family and for the sort of country I want my daughter to grow up in,” he wrote.

“I am fundamentally opposed to hatred masquerading as journalism, to witch hunts faking being investigations,” Johnson added. “If I am going to be treated as witch when I am not a witch I am going to have to learn how to start casting spells — and filing lawsuits. They may yet burn me alive but they’ll have to work for it.”

Like patriotic attorney Lin Wood says, it is time to fight back against this left-wing conspiracy to destroy truth tellers and those who stand up for their rights. Johnson’s lawsuit is crucial in this regard, with BuzzFeed rapidly losing profitability as the fake news industry dies.

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