Film Crew of Movie Set Where Alec Baldwin Shot 2, Killed 1 Protested Dangerous Conditions, Poor Gun Safety

The film production crew working on a set in which actor Alec Baldwin shot two crew members and killed one had previously protested unsafe working conditions, including lax gun safety on the set of Rust.

Baldwin shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and director Joel Souza on Thursday, with the former dying after being evacuated to a hospital. Crew members had walked off the set of the production on Thursday morning, protesting a daily 50 mile drive from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, New Mexico for filming.

A source familiar with Rust filming told the Los Angeles Times that the firearm that Baldwin shot the crew members with had already misfired several times previously during production. This assertion would conflict with claims on the part of Baldwin that he thought the gun was merely a dummy- a gun is a gun, whether it’s a prop or not. Proper gun safety entails treating every gun as if it were loaded and fully clearing the weapon of any ammunition before holding it a potentially unsafe manner.

Tensions were already thick on the scene of Rust on account of safety improprieties. Nonunion scabs had been brought in to replace members of a camera crew who walked off the set of the production. Filming of Rust, a western movie, has been suspended in light of the shooting. Mr. Baldwin is also producing the film under the banner of El Dorado Pictures, his personal production movie.

The Los Angeles Times’ report suggests that the assistant director of the movie, Dave Halls, picked up a weapon placed on a cart by weapons master Hannah Gutierrez, falsely declaring ‘cold gun’ before handing the gun to Baldwin. All three of the crew and cast are to blame for the shooting, if this account of events is accurate.

Baldwin, an anti-gun Democrat, has previously been caught punching a man in a dispute over a parking in New York City. The Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department continues to investigate the shooting, with no criminal charges yet filed. Mr. Baldwin described the killing as an accident and pledged to cooperate with law enforcement in a statement released through his charity foundation on Friday.

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