Film Titled “Why Don’t We Murder More White People” Airs at San Francisco Museum

A bizarre and nakedly hateful film has aired at a public San Francisco museum over the past month.

“Why Don’t We Murder More White People” by Jonathan Garcia was screened by the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts from July 23rd to August 25th.

The eleven-minute film, which has been removed from YouTube by its creator, contained profiles of several individuals speaking about their dislike for White Americans and their perceived grievances against them.

A description of the film described it as “an examination of whiteness, its unassailable immortality, and how it permeates our daily lives.” The project’s description seems to ask why violence against white people isn’t being ‘normalized.’

As we continue to watch the death of black and brown people become normalized in parallel with the rise of white supremacy, this project asks-why isn’t the inverse true?

Some who were featured in Garcia’s film spoke openly of their support for violence against White Americans who either oppose their political preferences or are simply neutral.

“I think if you’re not supporting people of color and to end white supremacy, and you’re neutral, or you are that person that’s perpetrating it, then you shouldn’t—I think you deserve harm.”

And, sometimes I feel like non-violence is not the best route.

The film’s creator designed the “experimental short” as part of a fellowship program with Yerba Buena. The publicly-funded San Francisco museum still identifies him as a “Community Engagement & Inclusion Associate.”

The museum apparently totally misses the irony of appointing someone who suggests murdering people on the basis of their race as an “inclusion associate.”

The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is yet to clarify or provide comment for their showing of nakedly violent and hateful anti-White propaganda. A look at the museum’s Twitter feed reveals mundane social justice talking points one might expect to see from the human resources department of a major corporation.

Yerba Buena’s CEO, Deborah Cullinan, also is yet to comment publicly on the museum’s hosting of hate propaganda.

One of San Francisco’s most prominent cultural institutions has revealed its naked, violent hatred for an entire race of people. Conservatives could point out that the left isn’t as “tolerant” as advertised, but Jonathan Garcia and Yerba Buena seem to have discarded the notion of tolerance entirely.

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